Do the BIG work you came here to do!

change the status quo.

heal your community.

love yourself.

protect those who need it.

live the way you wish.

create the new systems we need

raise the leaders we need.

rise rooted.

Do your BIG work –whatever that means for you.  It could be changing the world, creating a thriving business, raising loving children, or healing lifetimes of trauma (so you don’t have to it again). Or a zillion other things…some that have never been created before.

We need visionary women right now to create the world that we want to live in.

It means strengthening the links between your inner and outer world and moving them closer together.  You’ll be crystal clear on what your truth, your dreams, and your next BIG thing is.

Everything we do here lifts you toward being your truest, most passionate, and creative self.

We create the muscles to do the BIG things by doing all the little things.

Hieee! I’m Diana,  Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer.  I guide you to get down to the truths that are inside and to grow your inner muscles so you can do the BIG things. Diana Lovitt

Here are some ways I guide women to do their BIG work:

  • spiritual coaching sessions with energetic healing transmissions that bring you closer to the truth and wholeness you seek.
  • get to the deep layers of what’s going on in any situation with intuitive tarot card readings. Your reading will provide insights to new solutions or tools to use.
  • my signature program to really go BIG—the 40-days to LEAP Immersion. Unravel all the muck holding you back and prepare to do your next project or life goal with all the truth and strength you’ll need.

You’ll have the tools, power, and wisdom to rise rooted into what’s next.

Rooted in truth, wisdom, and light.

Rooted in community and land.

Rooted in wholeness.

Roots allow us to rise.

Inner DropAre you feeling the tug?  Did your heart just leap?   Inner Drop StarsInner Drop Stars

I invite you to experience what it’s like to work with me.

Just me and you over tea and tarot.  Pulling cards to get under the issues that need to come to the light.  I’ll also give you an energy boost transmission to allow our session to integrate into your being.  At the end of the call–I’ll also share other ways I can ways I help you return to being who you truly are.

I’d love to offer you a complimentary 30-minute Clarity Infusion and Energy Boost Session over Zoom.

Inner Drop Stars

BOOK your Clarity Session  right here.

Inner Drop Stars

In the meantime…How else can we get know each other?

Inner Drop  I currently hangout on Instagram drooling over all the pretty stuff and being inspired by other strong women, artists, and trees.  Catch me there!  I post daily oracle card readings, pictures of my dog, sometimes my latest dinner creation, and of course, inspiring words.

Inner Drop  Lean in…I have a secret group.  Shhh! It’s  called ‘Tiny Drops to Start a Ripple’ It’s a community where we do weekly QUESTS that help us build muscles to all the BIG things by doing all the little things. We show up with practices, resources, and support that keep us grounded and in line with our luscious life.  Join us. BIG NEWS: New video series launching in the Ripple Makers group on October 11th.  Join to get in on it.

Inner Drop