You came here to do BIG work!

What if every cell of your body had your back?  What if you could embody your truth, desires, and purpose on every level of your being?

Your problem right now is that you are so bombarded with all the BS going on in your head and your world that you don’t know what to do next or how to get away from being scared, constantly replaying old stories, or listening to the naysayers.

The vision you once thought you knew is sitting in some box deep inside of you.

What if you felt so confident that nothing threw you off your game?

You can become a magnet for what you desire.


Hieee! I’m Diana.  Intuitive Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer.Diana Lovitt
I support visionary boss ladies who are going BIG and making an impact in the world. (Thanks, we totally need you!)

I help them drop the BS and get to the T


They create the luscious life and business they have always dreamed of because they have followed the call.  They have done the work of coming into high vibe energetic alignment with who they are and what they came here to do.

And it frickin’ vibrates their whole being.

It’s attractive-confident-powerful. It’s allowing every cell in your body to hold your truth and power, so you know the way.

That’s how you create what you desire.

I work at the energy and spirit level to balance, release, and re-calibrate you to your highest & best potentials.  You’ll feel restored, fully capable, un-frickin-stoppable, and inspired to do the BIG work you came here to do.

I’m so thrilled and honored to work the amazing women I do.  We need powerful women right now to create the world we desire…one of beauty, compassion, truth, love, sustainability, efficiency, and that just makes frickin’ sense.

Are you one of these visionary boss ladies?  

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Inner Drop Stars

Inner Drop StarsIn the meantime

Let’s get to know each other a little bit better?

Inner Drop  I currently hangout on Instagram drooling over all the pretty stuff and being inspired by other strong women, artists, and trees.  Catch me there!  I post daily oracle card readings, pictures of my scruffy dog, sometimes my latest dinner creation, and of course, inspiring words.

Inner Drop  Lean in…I have a secret group.  Shhh! It’s  called ‘Tiny Drops to Start a Ripple’ It’s a community where we do weekly QUESTS that help us build muscles to all the BIG things by doing all the little things. We show up and do the practices, share our resources, and support each other–so that we stay grounded and in line with our luscious life.  Join us.

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