Here’s what I know about you already:

You’re a boss lady, a visionary leader, a change maker, a soul-fired creator being on a mission.  Or as I like to call you- A Warrior Goddess.

You can’t sit this one out anymore.  You feel a drive and passion to help return – our world, our systems, our hearts –to a state of love, beauty, and truth—this is your calling.

You know you have BIG work to do.  Your soul’s work.  Your heart’s work.

I also know that as you are going for this BIG work that a bunch of stuff is blocking you from making it happen.


It’s not the techy stuff, it’s not how and where to publish your book, it’s not how to make your Instagram or your website pretty…(these are not bad, just not the stuff that is truly in your way).


The stuff that’s really in your way, really challenging you, keeping you stuck, and playing small is all the BS in your head and your world that is coming up as you move out of your comfort zone. It’s all the things blocking your truth, desires, and purpose…and therefore, your BIG work.

I’m talking about the moments where you need to breakthrough and instead you:

  • Fall into a state of confusion. Paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong decision.
  • Let your shitty self-talk hold you back from making moves.
  • Feel disconnected from your body –and so you feel lost, floating, vulnerable, and alone all the way down to your toes.
  • Choose to avoid the scary by moving on to the couch and into the binge TV zone.
  • Create busy work to avoid the REAL work.
  • Take another class full of promises instead of healing your weaknesses and getting into a high-vibe energetic alignment with the truth of who you are and what you want to do.

Does this sound familiar?

What if you could feel every cell of your body vibrating your truth and supporting you?

What if you could be a magnet for all you desire?  To make a difference, to lead others, to have a luscious abundant life? You can.

Hieee! I’m Diana.  I am an intuitive spiritual coach and shamanic reiki energy healer. Diana Lovitt

In my intuitive healing sessions and consultations, I use many tools to assist me in bringing you back to the truth of who you are and what you came here to do.  I use tarot cards and my pendulum to assist my intuition and to receive messages from your non-physical team (Helpers, as I call them).  The synergy of my tools and the opening and balancing of your energy system allows deep release of old patterns, density, and trauma that may be at the root of all the stuff coming up for you.  We then return your body, mind, and spirit to a state of coherency and high vibe alignment.

Then you are like a frickin’ magnet.  What you desire knows right where you are and how to find you. You believe and know this truth in every cell of your body…and feel the support of it.

Sister! You are un-frickin’-stoppable. You are doing the BIG work you came here to do.

Believe it.

I would love to speak with you about how we can work together.

I know how powerful you are. I know that going bigger is scary and I would love to help.

Hit the button below to schedule a session.

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Inner Drop Mind 40 days to Leap! It’s time to do IT!

Nourish and build the foundation so you are fully confident, strong, and aligned in your whole body for the BIG work you came here to do.

Kinda like a reboot…

a boot camp…      joy of a woman

a retreat…

a return.

You don’t have to do it alone.

We work intimately together one-on-one for 40 days. I’m here for you–120%

Are you ready to feel it in EVERY cell of your body?

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Inner Drop

Inner Drop Hand Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Session

free warrior goddess Diana will energetically work with you using her many tools and gifts as she is guided to–to assist you in re-balancing your energy system and taking steps to move forward in your life.  We will consult your Helpers, the Tarot and your own wisdom to discover the path going forward. Usually a combination of a intuitive tarot reading, journeying, and focused spiritual coaching to get clear, balanced, rooted and then collaborate on the next action steps to rise to your call.

Diana is an Alchemy Reiki Master Healer, which means–she has the ability to work with you from where ever you are and on all levels–physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

2 hours of healing energy and real world action plans = $111 investment

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Inner DropThoth Tarot Deck Intuitive Tarot Readings with Diana Spiritual Coaching Call

A combination of Tarot, energy release, journeying, and whatever else Spirit dictates to dig deeper into situations and circumstances that need to come to light, so we can heal them.  Find deep solutions to real issues.  Make empowered decisions in your life.  $44 for one hour

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Inner Dropwarrior goddess running to her YES! 12-weeks of healing supportFind Your ‘YES !” — a whole season of re-connection and remembering. . .

Who you are.

Rise and restore.

A 12-week immersion in healing, support, real world trouble-shooting, and planning.   

Intuitive spiritual coaching, energy work, tarot…whatever your focus needs to be– we get at it together.  A sacred container full of the energy you need to get through or over what life is throwing at you.  You don’t have to do it alone.

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Inner DropHey!

I do Tarot Salon Evenings for groups.  So, gather your gal pals, some bubbles, and some nibbles and I’ll be right over!  Great for ladies who love go deep and get real.  For groups of 4 to 8 for $40 each.  Email me with questions diana AT inner Drop DOT com