I see you.inner drop

You’re a woman who’s rockin’ it on so many levels.

People see you doing it all.

What people don’t see is that you feel like you’re going nowhere.

What if there were a space for you to…

Inner Drop Remember, re-connect, explore, define and become the best parts of yourself… so your heart and soul show up in your work or service in the world? Where you can not only heal from struggles, cycles, and weaknesses but to use them as the fuel.

Inner Drop Show up, tell your truth, and rise to the call of doing your BIG work?

Inner Drop Learn to wield the tools of connection to body, mind, and soul with the energies of earth, air, fire, water and spirit.

Inner Drop Indulge in self-care practices and rituals, healing, exploration, goal-setting, and self-love.  Because I believe these are at the root of all transformation.

Inner Drop Receive regular energetic healing/balancing as each week brings new challenges and new opportunities for clearing of dense, dark, and old places in your body, mind, and spirit?

Return full and rooted and ready to rise.

This is a private, individually designed 40-day coaching and healing immersion just for YOU.

The details:

Inner Drop We begin our time together with an initiatory kick off day. (We meet over Skype for about 6 hours- with several breaks between segments).

  • I’ll call in our circle, our guides, and helpers and set the sacred container to support your work.
  • We’ll layout the details and structure that will follow and begin with the most pressing issues.
  • You’ll receive handouts, calendar, the 5C’s e-book, and a chakra activation e-book to keep you on track and teach you new practices.
  • During the day we’ll share:

+ an intuitive tarot reading to align with the program and your needs.

+ a remote Reiki energy healing initiation session.

+ the creation of a medicine bag to support and activate your intentions for your LEAP.

+ deep listening and sharing to really heal and move towards the desire of what’s next.

  • Design your homework and daily practices to keep you moving along.  I’ll keep you on track.

Inner Drop Weekly live intuitive coaching and remote Reiki transmissions. (approx. 60- 90 minutes each week over Skype) Most often includes a tarot consultation.

Inner Drop You have access to me for support in between sessions via Facebook messenger or email during business hours.  I’m here for you, lovely.  I’m your biggest fan and on your team.

BUT WAIT, there’s more…about 1-2 weeks after your 40-days we will have a final closing ceremony/session.

40-days is a magical number.  And a powerful span of time to make huge shifts. 

 I love to work with women who:

  • are ready show up and be the change makers we need so much right now.Tarot Fire Spread
  • want to lead with their heart.
  • know what they are meant to do– just need support getting there.
  • are dedicated. Who come to our sessions prepared and ready.
  • know what being scared feels like and go for it anyway.
  • are ready to embrace new tools (even the woo-woo ones) to get where they want to go.

Return full and rooted–to fiercely walk the path you’ve been called to.

You don’t have to do it alone.

I know the path.  I know where all the potholes are and how to avoid them. I know the way back.  I guide women through it every day.

I can’t walk your path for you though.  You need to have the courage to do that yourself.

You can’t ignore the call any longer.

When you’re ready.  I’ll be here to share the tools, guidance, support, and wisdom for you to rise rooted and restored.

I believe that this transformation will ripple out from you and into the world, your community, your work, and all you do.

Are you ready?

Invest in YOU!  $1234 

This immersion is open to a limited number of people at a time– so that I can be fully available to support you throughout the 40 days.  Just me and YOU.

Payment plans available.  As well as my promise, that if at 20 days in and you’re not feeling it…I’ll reimburse all but $500 of your payment.  I also reserve the right, that if I’m not feeling it from you I will return your payment in full and bless you on your journey.  We’ll talk this all out first, of course.  I just want you to know I mean business and I want you to mean business too when you decide to step up and show up to do your BIG work!  Are you ready to go all in?

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