Follow Your Inner Drop!

Be guided by this powerful force in YOU.

Listen to your Desires, your Heart & Create a Luscious Life you are absolutely in LOVE with.

Do you want to feel powerful, vibrant, & strong?

Are you craving a life that is full of joy, passion, purpose, & love?

Do all your fears, doubts, & feelings of unworthiness rise up when you hear the call for a bigger life? 

You can transform your life, heal your shadow stories, & BE healthy, strong, & vibrant as you DO the BIG work & create the DREAM you’ve always desired.

Hiyeee! I’m Diana.  Intuitive Spiritual Coach & Shamanic Reiki Energy Healer.  I’m an expert at supporting visionary women through big transitions & transformations.  I blend Reiki Energy Work, Shamanic Practices, Intuitive Guidance, Tarot Consultations, Sound Healing, Breath Work, Healthy Lifestyle Habits, Theta Healing, & Transformational Spiritual Life Coaching to support my clients.Diana Lovitt
The thing is when you go BIG , all your BIG stuff comes up getting in the way of you up-leveling to your bigger life. 

Don’t let the fear & overwhelming stories pulsing through you stop you from creating the Luscious Life you know you were meant to have. 

Work with me:

Private Sessions from the comfort of your own home. My services:

Inner Drop Powerful Spiritual Coaching Sessions 

Inner Drop Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

Inner Drop ’40-days to LEAP’™ Coaching Series for Massive Up-leveling

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Let’s get to know each other a little bit better?

Inner Drop   Catch me on Instagram drooling over all the pretty area rugs and being inspired strong women, artists, and trees.  Catch me there!  I post daily oracle card readings, & pictures of my scruffy dog. See where I’m at in the world & what I am up to. 

Inner Drop  Lean in…I have a secret group.  Shhh! It’s  called ‘Tiny Drops to Start a Ripple’ It’s a community where we build muscles to all the BIG things by doing all the little things. We show up and do the practices, share our resources, and support each other–so that we stay grounded and in line with our luscious life.  Join us.