I have a case of the ‘Yeah, buts…’

I used to have this teacher and whenever a student replied to her suggestion with a, "Yeah, but..." she would quickly interject (every single dang time)--"yeah-buts live in yungles."  Yes, yungles, not jungles.   I still remember this and I think this was my second or third grade teacher.  She also had a love of providing ample food during class in the form of peanut butter on bread.  Maybe that is why I remember her. But let's get on with my yeah, buts... I found myself thinking about my writing.  I was reflecting on all the ways it could be better.  I was thinking about all the mistakes in past notes and posts and well, everywhere...and on and on this crazy tape in my head wanted to go.  It even went to comparing my stuff to other bloggers, famous authors and the lyrics of Boy George. Humpf! I love the way some writers can make their words roll together in such a way that liquid magic drips right off the page. But I wasn't thinking mine could and was telling myself every which way they weren't. That judging and comparing was rolling right along. It lead into other ideas and thoughts and then I started the 'Yeah, buts...' BUT this time...and this is HUGE, guys...I stopped them.  I realized I was shutting down possibility, momentum, growth and everything before it even had a chance.   I stopped them.  And a tarot card popped into head.  The seven of swords, called 'futility.' Futility is what stops you before you start.  Of your own creation. Sabotaging yourself. Take a look at the card.  See the central sword and around it are all these other swords taking a chink out of it, making cracks, making it weak.  That central sword is your idea, your plan or [...]