Sacred sites. Sacred Work. Sacred Soul.

I'm writing this just a few days before I embark on what I believe will be the trip of lifetime. I'm going to visit the sacred sites of Egypt.  <gasp!> On a beautiful private boat drifting down the Nile with other like minded spiritual travelers.  The boat is gorgeous.  I already feel the magic and beauty of the trip. 2015 was a year I initiated many things in my life and my business.  Many of them HUGE!  Like this trip.  I have taken LEAPS that I would have previously talked myself out of.  I'd of let those awful little gremlins in my head take over.  I'd of let the worry, fear, overwhelm, lack of funds, lack of worth feelings make the choices for me.  NO more! I've dreams, desires & ways of being in the world that I'm willing to experience discomfort for in the process of making them happen. I want to be the kind of person that says, "Hell yes! I'm going on a luxurious trip to Egypt!" or "Yes, I want to invest in training or programs to help me better serve my clients and myself." or "Yes, I'll do my daily practices today because I know they will allow me to be the person I wish to be." These are parts of the new me...or the person I'm becoming.  What choices will I make to LEAP to the next part of my life?  What do I need to heal?  What do I need to toss? You know that saying "Feel the fear and do it anyway!"  I'm doing that. This what I help others to do.  This is what I do.  I reach.  I plan. I heal.  I want more. Blessings & light,  di P.S.  Drop me line to set up a time to chat about [...]