This year, 2018, has brought a bunch of changes for me.  I have made decisions and moves that I hadn’t even considered at the end of last year. I have been challenged and uprooted a bit by these changes. AND I’m still feeling, considering, and throwing around ideas and plans for even more changes.

To no one’s surprise…I’m in a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ year.

[ If you’re curious about what cycle of growth for the year you’re in shown by the wisdom of tarot–you can find out by scheduling a session with me.  It is one of my favorite tools to use to get a perspective on where you’re at and why what’s going on is going on.]

Right now. My mind is awash with the dreams and schemes AND then it falls into the fear, the ‘what-ifs’, and ‘how is that gonna work’. Argh!

Since May I have been immersed in my new job [y’all know I have ‘day job’ as well, right?]  I am managing people in a whole new environment and learning new duties and responsibilities.  That’s has been a handful.  Along with the many challenges of raising up the standards of service and responsibility of the crew there was the added tragedy of one of staff members (and friend) passing away by suicide. It hit the staff really hard, of course.

The impact of having this tragedy with a staff so new and the stresses of our work already has made me really show up as a leader.  And in ways that I wouldn’t have been in the past.  With compassion and with strength.

There are so many threads of information that fed into these moments that supported me and showed me the path for me to follow.

One of the most spectacular is that at the beginning of the year my Mystery School teacher, Beth, worked up our ‘leadership signatures’ for the year.  And yes, this was before I even thought of taking on new leadership opportunities at the company I work for. AND get this, my leadership signature is to lead with compassion.  There are other parts to it, of course, but this really stood out.  I am so thankful that I had this ‘background’ information…it really helped in the storm.

Now that I’m almost on the other side of this emotional storm and it feels like we are on stable ground again…it took a few months, that seems like WaaaayYY more…I have found the following 5 things really helpful as pillars for navigating my day, my emotions, and my decisions.

  •  Pause for GUIDANCE.  Take a breath. Drop inside & feel the next best step. You always choose how you react & act.
  • TRUST. Believe that you have all you need to do what’s best. You have more power than you know.
  • SHOW UP. Drop into your body.  Connect with your heart. Ground yourself. Now go forward.  This practice of consciously activating my body, mind, & spirit before I go into work has been a game-changer for me. If you’d like to learn my exact practice go HERE.
  • BE of SERVICE. Go about your day with this mindset & see how you operate differently. How can you contribute? Help? Change things for the better of all?
  • GRATITUDE.  Start & end your day with this energy. Take a moment to reflect on all the day blessed you with, even the challenges, because the blessings they too provided.

Five amazingly powerful pillars to help you as a leader & guide.  And life savers in a crisis.  Practice them now so that you have the muscles when the sh*t hits the fan, so to speak.

I hope this speaks to you & that you put into practice some of these tools. And as always if I can help drop me message.