Just up the road from my house is a shuttered stark barren house. No signs of the past, no hope of the future. Just there. A form without a purpose. Even the yard around it shows no signs of the people or life that happened there.
There’s no lingering laughter of the 5th birthday party under the grand tree. The swing set has long been retired. The smells of roast chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy have long dissipated.
But does this actually seeing was has come before have to influence the present.

What if you saw the potential that is everywhere?

What if, by opening up those shuttered windows and shining a new light on what is there you could jump into a new way of being? You’ve been bogged down and thinking it was another way instead of opening up and perceiving with new sight what could be. SEE what you hope for, what can be, what is available, what is there and always has been.
It is not that things outside of change. It is what is inside of us and how we see it that changes.


You know- you know…you do! Right now –that more is out there.

You sense it. You feel it. Sometimes you feel it right down to your bones.
You want to connect with that. Sometimes you get close.

And right now you feel like it is time to break through and really see what it is that you want. You have this dream, this wish–to change, to be, to do, and to connect.
I once felt like I was in that shuttered house. But–I saw it as a beautiful house. I felt like it was sturdy. I felt like it was solid. I didn’t realize the windows were shuttered. I wasn’t seeing or able to receive what was available. I was closed up. I thought I was on a good path. I had a good job, happy, doing okay in all ways, really–I did think this. But, I also thought there was more. But I didn’t even know what (or how to get to it.) I wanted more, but didn’t think I was able, worthy or capable of getting any of it. I let the house keep its windows shuttered. I let the energy of light and knowingness stay blocked from me receiving it.
I blocked it with my way of thinking. I wasn’t open, accepting or allowing to what other ways it could be. It is always there. I didn’t make the light. I just chose to let it in. This light is opportunity, possibility, potential, energy, expansion and renewal. It is choices, goals, inspiration and actions…that you take every day to get you closer to that knowing and getting what you desire.
I remember when I accepted those aches and pains in my hips and knees as a sign I was getting older.
I remember when I accepted that I would probably stay at my current job for a long time. With no other possibilities open to me.

 I am happy to say that I no longer believe these things. I know I can change and grow

and focus my energy in my body to feel and attract better potentials.

I know I have a source, a light, a focus, a beacon in my body and life that I can directly and powerfully activate to charge and renew my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. I work with my energy system to activate these potentials. When my energy system is strong and vital I have a point of light and focus that I can count on and trust.

I trust this light in me. I check in with it when I have questions. When I don’t know the best way to proceed.

By developing this strong connection I have a trust that I know is guiding my life.guyoflight

It is like having flashlight when you really need it. You know, when you have that tool in the back of your cupboard, and you are digging around and around, and you know you are really close…but you just can’t quite put your hand on the tool and retrieve it. But if you took your flashlight with you to find that tool…oh how much easier the process of getting the tool that you need.

This tool, the flashlight, is your inner drop.

It is that inner knowing, that inner trust, that deep place inside where your truth resides. Your connection to it is obtained by developing and activating your energy system. The process of learning how to do this easy…it just takes some practice in the beginning and then it is almost effortless. Once you have developed and know how to work with it—it can help you have well-being, clarity, balance, energy (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and more.
You are a being of light in body. The engagement of your energy system helps you gain and maintain this connection of your physical self with your energetic self.

Do you know you are not seeing and being all the potentials available?
Do you need a flashlight, so you are not grasping around in the dark?
Is your beautiful house shuttered up?

Do you want to feel what it is like to have your windows flung open to the light and the breeze flowing endlessly through? With new inspiration, energy and possibilities freely available to grab on to and expand in to.

I would love to help.

One of the best ways I know to make a shift in your life– is to work with others who also want the same shift. Your goals and process will be different, but the energy of the group and the sacred container of energy that I facilitate makes the process and discovery more easily accessible and the reach more expansive.
I facilitate monthly groups of only 6 people at time to work on their individual goals in a sacred, supportive, comforting, nurturing and safe space to make leaps, shifts, and discoveries in their lives. You can explore, let go, expand, and move forward with less resistance because of the supportive energy of the group container. Your energy supports the others as well.

Maybe you want to make a transition, a decision, a new path, a new habit, a new way of thinking…
you may want to let go, integrate, recharge, release or surrender.

you may want to become more open, more flexible, more heart-centered or be more engaged.


Whatever your desire is to connect with your whole self and find your inner drop are…

I know that the Monthly VIP group can help facilitate the shift to whatever your potential is.

In the group you commit to:

  • defining your goal for the month. You don’t have to know the specifics beforehand.
  • daily energetic exercises –that you do on your own.
  • weekly Saturday video calls with the whole group.
  • setting actionable weekly goals or focus.

More details at innerdrop.com

I’ll see ya soon!
Blessings, diana

p.s. drop me a line if you have questions…diana@innerdrop.com


thanks to creative commons and Peter Thoeny, Mr. Hayata, Ardlen Millet, and Shan Sheenan for the images!