Here are some ways to gather all the inspiration from the Summer and go into Fall with a plan.

diana on river eclipse
Summer is so filling.  It fills us up with yummy foods, time in nature, and lots of activities.  Above is a picture of me on a recent camping trip. I wanted to be in the beautiful outdoors for the Great American Eclipse 2017.  It did not disappoint.

I was in the Methow Valley part of Washington State.  It felt like I was nestled in the lap of Gaia. It’s a lush valley surrounded by high mountains.  The drive to this amazing valley took me through the gorgeous North Cascade mountains.  Here’s a picture of the high peaks.

Taking time away to rest, renew, and re-energize also reminded me of  3 things.

  •   I am so in love with going to do and see amazing things. I feel so charged by this.
  •   I am part of a larger picture that I need to claim.  I belong and I have power.
  •   I stay at home too much. :/

What energizes you the most about summer?

I did a personal tarot spread as the eclipse was commencing.  It is a super powerful message for me to remember as I move into what’s next.  It provided an affirmation and tools for me and my BIG work.
It encouraged me to use my voice more to bring in the truth and light to those that are ready to join me in taking action toward their BIG work.  It reminded me of what can hold me back and what sets me free. I used a combo of the Thoth deck and the Animal Spirit deck.  Here’s a pic of the spread on my picnic table.


So, I have returned and I’m so ready to flow with the vibes that are active right now .  We have also received powerful personal activations from the two eclipses and moved into the practical sign of Virgo as well as Saturn refreshingly going direct again (been retro since April).  YAY!  All of this means we can get organized and down to business. Oh, and the moon is the First Quarter phase which is also a very good time to set your plans and strategies for the month.

Awesome!  Let’s get some s*!t done. 
Are you with me????  Are you feeling the push too?

I say let’s take all the summer infusion that we have gathered (HARVEST TIME!) and start using it to build the rest of the year on. In the spirit of getting things organized and planned I offer 3 tips in Body, Mind, and Spirit below.

Blessings & Light, Diana

tips for the body

Fall is a very good time to do a cleanse or start a new diet.  I feel a desire to do this at most season changes, but this one seems particularly opportune.
Challenge for you:  Think about what yours may be and start a plan of action.
I am challenging myself to eat very low carbs.


creating luscious for the mind

I made a daily template for you.
I have been using one very similar for a few months and I really love it as a touchstone for my day.  It keeps me on track.  It includes a place for gratitude, a daily oracle card, a ‘to-do list’ and more!

Get it here!

lusciousness for the spirit

I am really intrigued by Saturn.  So, I found a couple of sites to share.  The music of the rings of Saturn recorded by NASA and the classical composition by Gustav Holst.  He did a whole suite on the Planets–amazing. Some of it may sound very familiar from movie soundtracks.

P.S.  Drop me a comment below and let me know what inspired you this summer that is going to ROCK your fall!  What are you going to DO?