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I’m Diana


I recently kicked my old life to the curb and decided to create the life I wanted. I changed my life so that I can follow my passion, my purpose, and go for my BIG dream. Now I support & guide women who want this kind of massive up-leveling and transformation in their lives through powerful Shamanic Reiki Sessions and Spiritual Life Coaching.

simple life, tiny house. nomad life

To change my life, I sold my condo, my car, and a bunch of stuff I didn’t need.  I also QUIT my day job of 11+ years and got a tiny home on wheels ( I bought an RV).  I put everything else into a storage unit the size of walk-in closet and took off down the road with my cute little dog and my tuxedo cat. Debt-free and ready to create my dreams.

Right before this big change you may have found me wearing a chef’s coat wrangling a talented staff to produce some tasty nourishing real whole foods for our community.  Or you may have seen me and my scruffy dog, Trisket, walking our favorite PNW trails, stopping at our favorite market or vegetable stand and then going home to make something delicious.

Now I’m meandering through the forests, sitting on the beaches, and discovering new places.  My tiny home on wheels is taking me to places where I can learn, experience, and immerse myself in what I need for my ultimate dream creation of Soul Farm Retreat Center to come into being.

It’s a place where people come to experience hands-on connection with the land, their food, animals, nature, and themselves. A Heart and Body connection.  A Mind renewal.  A place to ignite their Spirit and fill their Hearts and Bellies with nourishment, gratitude, and respect.

Two other things you should know about me:

I get the deepest joy from:

  1. watching my dog realize we are at the beach and literally jump for joy.
  2. Witnessing my amazing clients heal and massively up-level their lives to go for their big dreams.  True Story: A rock once broke (from the energy) in my office from my celebration of my clients. A big “WooHOO!” can do wonders.

OH, and, COOKIES—okay, 3 things.