Sometimes when a client comes to me-they don’t quite have words to describe what or how they are feeling.   So, I was thinking about this today, and you know me and my food obsession (see my ‘Year Ahead Workbook’ free gift)…so I thought– what if I asked them to tell me what kinda food or dish they felt like?

Of course, I then thought–

What kinda dish do I feel like right now?

Not to eat mind you, but the energy of it, the way it makes you feel, the actions to prepare, the flavors, the culture….etc.

I decided I feel like a warm comforting bowl of nurturing chicken noodle soup.

chicken noodle

I feel pretty content, healthy, satisfied, balanced and warm.  So, awesome!

But what if you are not feeling awesome?  What if you feel like a frozen microwave dinner? A cold slice of leftover pizza?  A hot dog rolling around endlessly in a hot box…going no where and under stress?

I know some exercises, tools and tricks.

I have days where I can feel a less than

nurtured and comforted–just like you.

I learned these tools and ways to easily access them anywhere, anytime.

You can do it too!

Learning to get back to your center, to be grounded, to feel supported, to know that it is there and how to access it…

= p r i c e l e s s

I learned to do visualizations to engage my energy system (chakras).  I learned to ground and center using the same techniques.  The more you do them (10-20 minutes a day)  the more easily and instantly you call on them when you really need to get off those hot rollers!

These exercises and the knowing of your energy system is not difficult.  All it takes is frequent exercise and attention.

And then more engaged you are with them-the more your energy system can support you.  You can receive energy from the environment and move it around your body to charge it up and raise your vibration.

The more you are in this state the more protected, more centered, and more able you are to engage with the subtle energies all around you.  You become more aware, more intuitive, more knowing of what you really want and need.

In the Reiki energy sessions I facilitate we can activate, balance, open, center and expand your energy centers so that you can be more able to engage, receive and activate them on your own.

You may also need some dense, stagnant, or detrimental energy to be released out of your system to allow for these new energies to integrate.  The energy systems of your body need to flow freely to be healthy.  Like in acupuncture,  a session opens the meridians with techniques that allows the energy to flow.

I also offer a workbook that guides you through 21 days of engaging with your personal energy system in only 13 minutes a day.   It is really a journey of exploration of your energy system.  It is easy–you just have to do it.

If you feel like you want more support or have a personal issue, goal, or struggle

that you want to spend quality time on for

–21 days — you can join the Artisan Focus Group that is only open to 6 people a month.

The group begins meeting the 3rd Saturday of every month through a video calls.  You get the 21 day workbook as part of the program, email support and inspiration and Reiki energy support for your work.

Start feeling like a gourmet meal served on a silver platter.

I would love to help.

Blessings, di

Thanks to CreativeCommons for the images