Did you know the Cherokee believe trees to be great communicators of vibration between all things living on the Earth and the Stars?  The White Pine in particular is held very sacred in the Cherokee culture.  They believe it communicates deep vibrations from the Earth into the atmosphere where we become entrained to those sacred vibrations.  They believe the White Pine is a symbol of life and that it can transmute aggression to peace.  I say we call on these pine trees and all trees to aid the Earth and its people to move toward peace.

white pine

Our beautiful planet Earth is a network of meridians and grids that mirror our physical body.

Everything– plants, trees, seeds, water, people, dogs, insects, radishes have a system of lines of energy–meridians, channels, centers, grids and points of connection and flow.  It is these systems or networks of energy that allow subtle (and powerful) forms of vibration to communicate within and between all things.

I love thinking of trees as transmitters of vibration between the Earth, Stars and Us.  So beautiful.  And if you look at the very top of pine trees…they do look like antenna!


The Cherokee also have a knowledge of their physical energy system.  They believe that many of the energies flow through their navel.  Sound being a major energy that begins it all.  First there is sound before anything comes into being.  From emptiness to sound.    All of your intentions begin this way.  When you first have an intention–it is super important to state it out loud.  Then gain knowledge around it (wisdom)  and from wisdom to love…or action as I would put it.  You go for it!

Possibly we can state our intention for a movement to peace to the trees, calling on them for their assistance in transmitting this message all around the Earth…from Earth to tree to star to earth…round and round…..with each tree and star (and there are billions) the message circulates and grows.

up in the trees

May I humbly request of you and the trees that we strongly initiate this message?

Will you join?  tree transmissions, tree hopes, tree vibrations…?   I like tree transmissions.

Let’s use this hashtag  ==#treetransmissions  in our messages of peace.

Thanks! and Blessings!  diana


Thanks to Cherokee author Dhyani Ywahoo for her lovely book “Voices of Our Ancestors”  and Cyndi Dale for her amazing book “The Subtle Body” and to Kim Seng, Charlie Stinchcomb, Sacha Fernandez and Mary Hess and Creative Commons for the use of the images.