(originally published for the February  2016  of  Sibyl Magazine)
I’ve initiated some of the biggest things EVER for my life in 2015.

As I write this on the cusp of the New Year I feel all the potential coming. I’ve taken some big steps & some grand leaps to begin to align my life with the greater vision I have for it.
And you know what? It is scary. (It’s also secretly amazingly thrilling!) These leaps are triggering all the fear buttons I have—BIG time. But I also feel more potential, more power & more control than ever before.

There are the money fears (HUGE), the “who-am-I to do this?” and the “you’ve-never-done-that-before.” And on & on. Worry. Fear. Doubt. Overwhelm. Lack of worthiness. Lack of resources. All of these creep in from time to time.

The thing is…I really KNOW that the stuff I’m investing in, creating & pursuing are critical right now to my personal growth & the growth of my business.

I KNOW that by challenging myself to create new programs I will serve my clients in deeper ways & with more lasting transformation than the ways I was serving them before.
I KNOW that my trip to Egypt & its sacred sites in a couple of weeks will totally expand my spiritual & intuitive capacity. And be, in the truest sense of the word—AWESOME!
I KNOW that the investments I’m making in my personal & spiritual education are some of the most important ones I can take.

But OH BOY! They trigger every button I have. But even this is a gift, since I’m learning how to come back to my center, be present & TRUST. Before this year I would have never have even attempted the leaps I have. I’d have stopped myself by the fear, the doubt, the over-thinking & the lack of belief in myself & my dreams. The practice this year been a continual back & forth between fear & trust. Of trying to stay in that deep beautiful sacred place of knowing.

To get back to a place of trust-a place of unlimited potential- I have grounding physical & energetic practices for myself. I breathe. I ground & charge & reconnect my soul & body. Now the most important thing—take steps & make plans towards what I need to do to move toward what I want.

Action is the quickest way to get out of overwhelm. When I take action on something that was feeling less than comfortable—I now feel in control & powerful. Even if it’s just telling myself all the things that are working, all the abundance I already have & all the gratitude I have for everything in my life & the blessed opportunity I have to create more.