Have you lost your pride?  Now I have you thinking of it one way…but what if I mean it a totally different way?  What if I was talking about your tribe, your peeps, your fam, your gal pals?

How close are they lately?  How much do you support each other?  How much do you BUILD each other up?  And in what ways?

Do you have each others’ backs?  Would you go into the hunt with them?  Are they the kin that can hold space for you in the ickiest of times?

Why am I talking about hunting, peeps and pride?  Have you noticed my BOSS Lady friend?  lion-341717_640The lioness has been a companion of mine in my healing work and in my personal growth work for quite some time.  She is the ultimate protector, hunter, loyal, fierce, smart, nurturing matriarch.  She is the BOSS of the PRIDE (a group of lions).  I love to tap into that feeling, that image, that vibration when I need a boost of courage and strength to reach for more, to overcome fear and to feel the strength to keep going.  She rules the pride with a fierce yet loving strength.

That’s how I view all of you in this Pride.  This Pride full of woman bosses, mothers, creators and dreamers who are reaching, healing, growing and creating more for their life and business.  Women embodying this lioness.  Fierce, loyal, strong, loving, nurturing and courageous hunters.

I hope (with all my heart) that I can inspire and support you to be that lioness.  To have power, passion and purpose in your life.  When you have these things–all the other stuff falls more easily into place.   You know the answers.  You know your boundaries.  You know the decision that is in alignment with you and where you are going.  You know when enough is enough.

You know when you’re on to something ‘cuz you feel in it in your heart and soul.  It gives you the shivers. It makes your stomach flutter and your heart jump.

And you definitely know down to your toes when stuff is off.  You feel separate from not only yourself, but from everybody else too.  You are drowning in the fear and worry, the drama unfolding, the hurt that instantly returns, the chaos.

This is where I can come in and walk you through the obstacle course of your life and into a space where healing, growth and clarity can take root.  Take root and grow into new tools that you can return to again and again.

I like solutions.  I’m practical that way.

That’s one of the biggest reasons I love what I do.  The energy work I do can actually help get to the root of the issue.  To clear it out of your system and bring you back into a place of wholeness and knowing.  Things become more clear within and around you.  You are just able to be more open to solutions and fully available to welcome them in to your life.

So when I call you all ‘Boss Lady’ this lioness is the boss lady I have in mind.

I’m so thrilled that you are in my Pride.

Blessings & light, di