a pinch of this

{previously published in Sibyl Magazine  (for the Spirit & Soul of Women) May 2016} Sometimes in the act of creating our lives it looks like a big chaotic mess. Other times we feel that our actions on what we add and what we take out are very deliberate. And then there are those times where you feel like nothing is happening. I read tarot cards for others and for myself for personal development and insight. It’s super interesting for me to look at what yearly cycle I’m in (according to the numerology of the Major Arcana). It can be helpful in learning how to navigate and plan as I go through the year. Last year was a Chariot year and this year is an Adjustment year for me. Chariot years are all about movement while keeping your calm center. That was definitely true for me. I took lots of actions to expand my growth and potential both personally and in my business. This year is an Adjustment year-it’s about bringing in all that you activated the previous year in practical real ways in your daily life. All while coming back to balance and integrating the new skills and ways of being. This can come down to the subtle, as in how I think about things, how I communicate or in concrete ways as in what habits to release and which ones to nourish.   The Adjustment year is one of fine tuning. A pinch of this- a bit more of that or just take that out. The sometimes overwhelming chaos of the Chariot year is coming into wholeness and form. I can see what it is all distilling down to and what actions to take to fully realize the new insights, actions and learning.   This mix (creation) of your [...]

What losing my cat taught me

Josephine is a shelter cat (I have 3 adopted fur babies).  She is an inside cat, so when she went missing a few weeks ago I was worried, scared and untethered.  I felt like part of my life was gone.  I was supposed to protect and care for her—that’s what I signed up for when I adopted her.  I pictured her out there in the pouring spring rain-hiding, wet, hungry and lonely. This was on top of some other major WTFs in my world.Well, not too major, but things usually go pretty smoothly for me, especially lately.  I am the type of person that likes it when things work and go smoothly without a bunch of snafus, stress and wasted energy.  SO when I got a call from a post office in Pennsylvania that my passport (getting it renewed) was loose there…I was thinking, “OH, s@#*! What is going on???”Besides Josephine and the passport issues, many things (cups, buttons, and plates) were breaking (always an attention getter), a flat tire (there’s a communication story here too-You need to tell the guys the correct tire to fix or you have to go back the next day-oops!!), and other lost mail.  I began to wonder and question. What’s the lesson?  What am I to learn from all this? There were many: ask for help communication techniques be specific There is a vast community and special angels of people who want to help you find your lost cat.  Ask them for help. (It’s not my norm to ask for help BTW—hmm? that’s interesting-see below [another lesson?])  Many went above and beyond what I ever would have dreamed of; to offer advice, lend me a trap, canvas the neighborhood, make me posters and sincerely care about Josephine being returned home. My heart was so [...]

For the birds

out the door dog by side the woods are calling. insides bubbling and smiling, tongues and tails wagging. peel away webs shrouding eyes and face left by 8 legged weavers in the night. leaves crunch, twigs crack. dust flying from small thundering feet speeding by. birds are all twitter louder than past visits possibly the early hour? then there high in tree sitting proudly is owl the cause of the little folk's alarm. silently he glides away leaving the little folk muttering to themselves.