Tragedy, hate, violence, destruction and more are all around us, whether in your immediate space or in the world environment at large. Most of us now live in a world of technology and information where we now have a global connection to all of it. There are positives and negatives to this.

All of this information and knowledge can begin to effect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
What can we do when we start to feel the weight of all this?
What can we do when this starts to creep in on our personal thoughts, actions and space?

And then there are the things in your own personal life?
Finances, relationships, home, laundry, car, groceries, work, etc.
All of this–piling up on your beautiful spirit–weighing you down.

Sometimes you just want to scream or cry or jump up and down or stand on your head…
These antidotes are sometimes helpful…and do them if you must
I have some other techniques I like to employ as well.

I like to start off everyday by filling out my daily sheet. (you can find it here)

This where I set the tone for my day. Where I put down 4 things I am grateful for and then write 4 things that show I am on track with where I am going/feeling/doing/being. Next I write down a word or phrase for the day. This is important ‘cuz it anchors the previous work of the sheet. So that when a stress or something knocks me off track, I can recall this and instantly jump back into alignment with what I wanted for my day. I sometimes use my tarot cards or the Water Crystal Oracle Cards as the inspiration for this. NOW my favorite part–I turn the page over and I write a crazy, wild, untethered story of where my life or my dream is going. It can just be a few sentences or a whole story. The idea is to expand and be open with what is coming or what you are feeling. Write how you want to be in the craziest, funnest & most beautiful way possible. And it is fun. And when the anger, fear, sadness, frustration creeps in and starts to dump a heap on you–this how you dig out and get back to you.
Visualization-the next tool in my toolbox.  I connect to my inner drop through visualization and really power my energy up so that I can return to feeling balanced, centered and strong. What ever I choose to do next in response to what I am feeling is going be from a place integrity and strength. So powerful. It really helps to shift the energy from one of hopelessness, fear, stress, loss or whatever to one of power. It takes the fire out of anger. It takes the darkness out of sadness. It takes the emptiness out of fear. It takes the powerlessness out of stress. (see my ebook below to start working with your energy system and learn to do this)
My next tool is fueled by the two previous tools…spread my positivity…keep my own personal vibration high and connected to higher vibrations. I use the previous tools listed to get and keep in alignment. Now I feel trust, connection, solution & strength.

I would like to further add that the more we all do this
The more we change the vibration of the whole Earth
and can help it move through the challenging times.

Your vibration-your energy-effects the world around you.

Try the above items out.
Do some experimenting.
See how people, things and even you respond differently when you change your vibration.

I would love to hear about the results of your experiments….drop me a line anytime!
Blessings & light–di

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