Awaken Your Warrior Goddess Program

Check your levels. Crush your devils.  6-weeks of energetic medicine for you to rise.

Imagine having a place where you can be your true self, be honest, be vulnerable, be loving, and be FIERCE with yourself.

Where you can look your FEARS, your FLAWS, and DREAMS right in the face and say,

“IT’S ON!”

Do the inner work. Do the unraveling.  Do the building up through these weekly practices that build an amazing foundation for you to create from your true inner space. The space where spirit speaks to you- through you-and for you.  You will build a powerful relationship to your inner self and to the Universe who desires to co-create with you. 

warrior goddess

At the end of 6-weeks you’ll sit at the altar of YOU and co-create with the Universe all that you desire to bring to this wonderful world of ours.  You’ll know, see, and feel your true power and have a personal practice that consistently nurtures it.

This course is delivered through email, PDFs, videos, and your own spot in the energy medicine healing circle that take place WEEKLY in the private Facebook group especially for all the awakening Warrior Goddesses, like you.  Diana will guide you through energy healing for exactly what you need to release and claim for you to go forward with your life and your dreams.  This live energy work is where the work you do during the week in the lessons gets to be healed, integrated, and expanded.

Show up to who you really are.  Take a seat at the altar of you.

Your wisdom. Your power. Your desires. You can command all of it.  Sit in this bliss of balance and command

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You are ReChargeable!  21-days of exercises to recharge and activate workbook.

21-days of exploration and activation designed to train you to recharge and use your ability to work with your personal energy system (chakras) in only minutes a day.

Your foundation to expand and grow more fully into being your authentic self-your warrior goddess self.

Inside you will find:

  • Learn to intimately connect to your energy system. Ask and learn to listen.
  • Recognize how to interact and nourish your system. The visualizations are  super easy.
  • Find what you’re missing from your life and how to fix it.  You may feel where you are dense or weak…then you can heal it.
  • Learn which essential oils to use to connect to each energy center.
  • More easily connect & anchor into your body. Feel alive and buoyant!
  • Understand the energy centers (chakras). Our receivers and transmitters of vital energy.
  • Learn powerful visualization techniques which you can do anywhere to regain your center and remain true to you.
  • Have a daily practice that will serve you for a lifetime!

$13 Investment. ReCharge today!

The 5 C’s for Boss Ladies to Manifest, Attract, and Co-Create their Dreams E-Book

Do you always get this amazing rush of energy after an inspiration and try to start something new, to change, do, create– BUT it putters out. . . that energy is just gone.

Do you want to create BIG change?

Have you always been interested in manifesting, attracting, and co-creating?  Do you understand how to?  Have you always thought something was missing from the formula?

Follow these 5 steps and gain amazing traction and skills to create the things you desire.  Ridiculously beautiful and inspiring posters, daily inspiration and lunar tracking worksheets- are all included.

This e-book is for you! Download now and learn the steps to real co-creative manifesting.

Only five bucks, lovely!

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