Full Moon Hangover. Time to rip out the old and to plant new seeds.

Yes, I do mean rip it out.  It feels that final to me.  The things that aren’t working, that you don’t need, the habits/patterns or addictions that you are SO done with… they gotta GO!  BUH-BYE!

This is what I am feeling after the Full Moon on Monday.  In addition to being really tired on Tuesday. I had to take a whole day of downtime to realign and get back into my daily mode of operation.  But I don’t want to fall back into it totally!!!  I shifted. I’m ready to rip out what’s not working.  Yup.  That’s me right now.

I want to scream what I want on top of a HIGH mountain.  I want to do it dressed as a warrior goddess or like the Mother of Dragons.  Yes.  Like her.  On a mountain top with two huge dragons right beside me.  I am ready to step into what is coming & I claim it.  Anybody who wants to question or dismiss it–well, they will have me and my dragons to deal with. Want to join me in this vision?

Why do I feel so strongly about this RIGHT now?

Universal energies are totally aligning in ways that are supporting this energy of new truths and new loves right now.  There has been much build up to this- thousands of years, in fact.  I really feel that what we choose to step into, to pursue, to change, to nourish, to love, to grow, to build, to create…this time right here is the best time to go for it.  You can create it.  Believe it.

This Leo Full Moon ( & Lunar Eclipse) and an upcoming Solar Eclipse at the New Moon.  It’s being called, “The Lion’s Gate Portal”–Cool, huh?

Portals are opening for you. It’s time to open the doors to things you only dreamed of.  Intentionally and actively plan where and what is next. Do a daily check in of where you are.  What is working, what isn’t?  What excites you? What are you curious about?  These are all the threads to follow and to build on.

Don’t check out.  It may be tempting with the big energies and maybe even some things will be super uncomfortable.  Stay in touch with you and your bigger picture.  Disengage from the daily up and downs, chaos, and stress. See below for tips on how to disengage and how to take care of yourself.

Have Courage. Be Brave. Be active in aligning with what is next.  Take steps, even if they are just on paper or just purging your closet (this is on my list).

Be like the LION.  The Lioness.  Roar, hunt, be royal, be a leader.

See below for some helpful practices to do in Body, Mind, and Spirit for this period.

AND, of course, if I can help you make that plan or release the old crap holding you back from getting to your next creation, please just reply to this email with what your needs are and we’ll talk about how I can help you to where you want to go.

Blessings & Light, Diana

tips for the body

Self- care for the body is KEY at this time.
TOP tips:
+ don’t try to DO to much.  Schedule in some down time & some fun.
+ eat real foods…including extra protein.  Big energies take a toll on your protein reserves.  If you find you are getting drained, eat a handful of nuts or have a hard-boiled egg, for example.
+ SLEEP – be extra conscious that you get your sleep time. 8 hours at least.  Nap, if needed.

creating luscious for the mind

I feel like the thinking mind is going to want to takeover.  I say, Rein that guy in!

Turn off the part of your brain that wants to know the ‘HOW’ right now.

Keep it in the curious. The day-dreaming. The story.
Practice visualizing how this NEW way or NEW world looks and feels for you.  Put yourself in it.
Run detailed scenarios of your creation.  The time to get into specifics will come later.

lusciousness for the spirit

Your Higher Self – your connection to your own higher wisdom.
For me, I love to connect to my inner wisdom, my inner drop, in meditation. I ask and listen. Sometimes I do automatic writing to hear the answers or I pull oracle cards to get more insights on the issue. So, ground yourself.  Turn off the chattering gremlins in your head. Drop into your belly. Stay quite. Then ask for a message or an answer to your query. Keep a notebook handy to start writing out what comes.

What to do next??

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