Our Shadow side comes forward to allow us to heal deeply.

I have seen the best, most loving, most vulnerable and the absolute worst, hateful, and fearful people this week.  These past few weeks, between the lunar eclipse on the Full Moon (August 7, 2017) and the upcoming Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 have really exposed our shadow side here in the US.  And not in just what the goings on in our world, but also as individuals within our own space and person.

What shadow has been peeking through lately?  Has it been showing up as frustration, anger, fear, isolation, or avoidance behaviors with yourself or others.

Shadow is coming up now because it is ready to be healed.

You might be feeling a finality and/or a total intolerance for behaviors or patterns that normally you’d just let go by.

This is healing.

Enough is enough.  You are now ready to say, “What can I do?”  “What needs to change for me and those close to me?” “How do I move forward with more courage, love, and compassion?”

These are awesome questions.  ALWAYS.  They are really crying out to be worked with now.

This is what an eclipse does.  It is a catalyst and exposer.  It shows us what isn’t working and collapses it.

Healing shadow is deep and tough work.  Dude, I know.  We like to keep that shiz buried and we don’t even want to acknowledge how it shows up in our selves.  It’s shows up in our negative self-talk, our greed, our anger, our ignorance, and in our avoidance.

  • We pretend we didn’t hear that comment.
  • We avoid that tough conversation with our neighbor about them ignoring the boundaries and rules of our community.
  • We allow things to happen that are not in integrity with us or our truth.
  • We get easily angered when our own weaknesses show up in others we interact with.  The worst.
  • We tell ourselves that the raise, the new opportunity, the big idea…. isn’t for little ol’ us to have.  And then we feel even less.

You can’t ignore the shadow forever if you want to be a leader and do your BIG work.  Which is what you are and what you want to do, right?

So, how are you going to show up?  How are we going to navigate these tumultuous times as the fierce women we are?

What needs to be released that is holding you back right now?  How can it be healed?   You probably know the answer to this right away, because it is UP right now.  What will the Eclipse allow you to heal on Monday (August 21, 2017)? solar-eclipse-459078_640
As Brene’ Brown said in a recent talk, “Powerlessness is the most dangerous thing there is.” (paraphrasing) You should totally watch it if you haven’t already (but maybe you are one of the millions that have—super powerful and helpful).

I want you to know that you have POWER.  She defines power as the ability to effect change.  We all can do that and we all need to do that.  There is a difference in the power that is dismantling now and the power we are creating together.  Power OVER is done.  Now we are about power together—shared power.
It is super cool, because that definition of Power is also very close to the definition of Magic that I use.  I believe in Magic and in Power.

I especially believe that women have amazing power and magic that is untapped.  AND it is time to let it out, to let it be harnessed for the change we need so badly.

the power of friends

This is what I work with women on in my signature program “40-days to LEAP”.

When you look in the mirror after 40-days will you see the woman you always wished to BE.  Will you see a woman who is fierce, rooted, and strong?  A woman who has amazing tools to wield when things get tough, when she wants to go bigger, and when she is flying high doing her BIG work.

I work with women to release all the patterns of limitation that have held us, as women, down for so long.  We learn the ways back to belonging and connection with ourselves and with others that we are called to serve as leaders and visionaries.

You can’t lead others if you’re not aware of your own power and truth.  It is in you and I’ll help you discover it and grow it.

What’s happening around the U.S.- it saddens me, makes me want to shut down, makes me angry, makes me ashamed, and makes me want to do something.

What that something is…to show up in truth and love every day for whatever is needed.  Even if it is hard. Even if I don’t have the answer. Even if it embarrasses me.  Even if I feel out of place.

I hope I have learned enough tools and have enough courage to do so.

The old ways are breaking down so that new ones can be built.  I want to be a part of that.  My part is to do the hard work in myself and to show up when needed.  My part is also to guide and heal fierce women, so that they can do this for themselves and others.  This is my BIG work.

And it grows and spreads.  It grows into connection, belonging, trust, and love.
This is my wish and my dream.

Blessings & Light, Di
P.S.  See my little tidbits of Body, Mind, & Spirit tips below.
P.P.S.  If you are feeling totally raw and unhinged by all that is going on, please connect with me.  I can totally help you get clear and focused so you can do what’s next.  Book a Clarity and Energy Boost Session with me.  We’ll chat over tea & tarot and see what kinda BIG work we can do together.

tips for the body

This eclipse is very inner. Don’t try to do too much.  Take a step back and listen to what is coming up. I’m going glamping up in the mountains, in nature and quiet. I recommend something similar.  Retreat. Relax. Renew.

creating luscious for the mind

This music video is perfect inspiration for right now.
It is of David Bowie honoring his friend John Lennon on stage by singing “Imagine”
Listen and feel the LOVE spread throughout the world.

lusciousness for the spirit

If you would like to watch a more in depth explanation of the eclipse and what is going on I highly recommend watching, Elizabeth Schermer, my mentor’s video here.  Very inspirational and it has some great insight into the what and why of the eclipse.