I couldn’t always say that.

I was hiding for a long time. Introverts do that. I hid behind my job, my wine glass, the door, and the immense space between me and everyone else.

I took on masks and played parts just so I didn’t have to show up as me.  I pretended to be the busy, quirky boss lady of the restaurant…a part that I could play along with.  I was ‘happy’ to be that—until ‘that’ didn’t work anymore.  I finally pushed myself so far that I crashed HARD and couldn’t be that person anymore.  One day I just quit being the boss lady of that neighborhood restaurant and didn’t know what I was going to do or who I was to be next.

Thank goodness for it!  I unraveled into a heap of misery, anxiety, and confusion at the door of a healer. It’s been a long time since that first Reiki session with Elizabeth Schermer—  now my teacher and mentor. Yet it is still so vivid in my mind.  In that session, she told me I had BIG work to do—the path was opened though I didn’t know it then.

For a long time, I wondered—what is this BIG work she’s talking about?

I didn’t find it overnight.  I discovered and nourished it through many energy sessions, tarot card classes, 6+ years of Mystery School immersion, Reiki attunements, plant medicine studies, Qabalah studies, Muna-Ki rites, and an epic spiritual journey to the ancient land of Egypt and its sacred sites.  From these teachings, I created a connection and a relationship to my spirit and to the energies that support us- in all ways –  always.

Diana Lovitt

I know the magic I have and can create.

Hieee! I’m Diana. I AM a Spiritual Coach and Shamanic Alchemy Reiki Master—my BIG work is to guide women who are ready to show up and do their BIG work.  To live and work in integrity with their heart and soul–to nourish, rather than deplete– to build connection instead of separation.

I support these visionary women to release all that is not them and create the scaffolding within to build their BIG work on.  I guide them to know their own power and ability to be the creatrix of their luscious life.

I love working with women who are ready to rise even when it seems like everything is falling apart.  These women know that we, as women, are creating new ways of working in the world and having relationships–with not only each other and ourselves, but with our Mother Earth, Gaia, and all the creatures, critters, and plants nourished by Her.

We are stepping into our time, our power, our understandings of the way things can be.

This is my BIG work.

I Am Here.

spiritual travel Egypt
I went on a Spiritual Journey to Egypt in 2016

I’d love to support you through whatever you need to plow through or create. You’ll love being in connection with your Higher Self as a guide…I’ll help you build that relationship and the life that’s full of spirit, purpose, and passion.