My old friend came to visit for a few days.  Wow!  You know how awesome that is?  We haven’t even been in close touch over the last 20 years.  But when you’re friends, you’re friends, right?  Her husband thought she was crazy to even suggest coming to visit.  Very confusing to both of us, we thought nothing of it.

Making close friends and keeping them is hard in our busy and often far apart lives.  I kinda forgot how awesome it was to have someone that just gets you, that you have a ton of shared memories with, that you have similar interests, values, and outlooks with.  Hard to do today, right?

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It was curious to see my 20-year younger self through the lens of seeing her again.  To remember things about myself and what I love and who I am and how much of that person is still there.  And then to reflect on that as I plan and create what’s next for me is super empowering and strong.

Remembering who you are assists you in rising to what’s next for you.

I loved hearing about how her life has unfolded and become blessed.  It renewed me and my endeavors.

Looking back always has me feeling vulnerable.  Who you were. Your choices. Your mistakes. Your heartbreaks and old flames.  All of this is in your face with old friends, but you know what all those things are: lessons, joys, embarrassment, and beauty.  We all have them.  The good and the bad.

This is the great thing about true friends who get you and love you no matter what crazy shiz you’re up to.

the power of friends
It’s harder to find these close friends who you know this well as we get older.  I found this great article on 9 ways to catch up with friends and stay close–just by coincidence (as things usually happen) as I was writing this.  I love these because they’re beyond the usual ‘let’s get coffee or a beer and catch up’ and then it ends up being all about work and all the blah-blah-blah boring day-to-day stuff.  These tips inspire real catching up and real memories.

I am so thrilled to have renewed this connection.  It’s reawakened and it’s awesome.

Please comment below and let me know how you have kept your friends close or how you have reconnected. I’d love hearing about you and your friend.

Blessings & Light, Diana

AND NOW— Body, Mind, & Spirit tips to keep and grow a luscious life.

tips for the body My favorite thing for my body right now.


It’s summer here after all.
This recipe-called a beginners green smoothie from an amazing nutrition blog called Pick Up Limes – is just delicious with peanut butter & banana.  I would also add my absolute favorite Protein powder to it.  It’s green but it doesn’t taste like it (it has the addition of a handful of spinach). Great for breakfast when its hot and you don’t want to effort.

creating luscious for the mind

I am the creatrix of my luscious life. Sometimes my mind gets in the way of this truth.  These 2 tools really help me dial down the gremlins.

  • My bullet journal.  A daily touch and a place for EVERYTHING.  See this article for a little rundown of how to get going with one.
  • Animal Medicine cards for daily guidance.  You can get yours here or here.  These cards…Oh My Gosh! Animal Medicine is much needed this year and having this daily reminder and inspiration is a blessing. Visit my Instagram for my daily post of animal juju.

lusciousness for the spirit

Keeping it all together.
How to calm the mind, feed the body, and reconnect to spirit.

Meditation on Abundance totally will help fuse all of it together.
When united in Body, Mind, & Spirit–YOU can truly go for what you want with clarity and power.

I’d love to chat over tea & tarot to help you define and refine what that clarity you need is.  FREE 30-min. Clarity Session over the phone or Zoom.  We’ll pull some cards to go deeper and I’ll energetically connect with you to activate this new clarity.  It’s a power boost.
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