I did it!

It’s been awhile since you all have heard from me, yes?  I’ll get into the reasons why on that in a minute, but first I want you to celebrate with me.

I DID IT!!!!!

I changed my life.

Last year was full of changes for me and that’s a BIG part of why you haven’t heard from me.  I took a new position at the old 9-to-5 J-O-B and it left me very little time and energy to put to my business.  It was different hours and more responsibility. It was closer to home, which I loved, but it was robbing me of the juice I needed to devote to this project.

It was a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ year for me (according to the Tarot Growth Cycle).  In a Wheel of Fortune year there can be many changes.  So, that happened.  I changed jobs and location…and I thought that was the change of the year…BUT NO! There was more change to come.

I realized a few months after the job change that I had set myself on a path to do that work forever. WAIT! WHAAAT????  Oh no, no.  That’s not my dream.  That’s not the plan.

Since starting this business of spiritual coaching and healing I have always talked about “Doing Your BIG Work” “Following Your Inner Drop” and “Doing the BIG Scary Thing.”

Well, it is time for me to put my money where my mouth is, right?

So- it got me to thinking…’Di, what is THE plan then?  How are we going to get to the dream, the passion, the life you desire????’  

When these questions came up it made me realize how stuck I was. How I let my life slide into the normal day-to-day, the busy-ness of modern life…I had let go of the steering wheel and in many ways turned on the cruise control, but it wasn’t helping me get to or grow to where I truly wanted to BE.

Next came some deep soul searching and real life planning.  I let my soul play with possibilities, potentials, passions, and plans.  I dug deep into what I wanted long term — THE BIG DREAM.  I had some plans, but how would they get me to the DREAM.

Then the full picture came into being.

This BIG story is to be continued.  I’ll be sending it out in the next few notes from me.

There are SO many lessons I learned in this process I don’t want to skip them OR to dump them on you all at once.

For now I leave you with this.  Look and Listen for the signs of your Soul, your Inner Drop, what is it telling you when it is not working, when it doesn’t feel right, when you are stuck or blocked.

How does that show up for you? What do you feel?

  • Tired, Bored
  • Sick all the time
  • No Energy. No Spunk.
  • Bad Habits (Too much– unhealthy eating, shopping, television (Netflix), sleeping, wine, etc.)
  What does your life look like when you know it’s gone off?  
  • Your House is untidy
  • You haven’t seen your Friends for weeks
  • Dishes in the sink for days, dirty laundry everywhere
  • Not going out in Nature or for Fun
  • Forgetting to pay Bills or other Deadlines
  • Being Late for Work
These can be signs that you’re not feeling sparked by your life.  That you have let go a bit and are feeling bogged down by it all.  This happens to us all.  And it can happen for other reasons for sure, but I want you to pay attention to the signs.

Next time…I tell you about how I came to the decisions I made and what kinda crazy emotions came up.  And, of course, more on the BIG DREAM.

Take care!
I’m sending you much love & light.
xoxo – di

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