…then something will always be missing.

When you live from a place of ‘having’ instead of ‘wanting’, ‘needing’, ‘lacking’ or ‘worrying’ -you are not living in the NOW and from a place of knowing that you really have all you need.  Changing the way you think about things can shift your whole outlook to be one of contentment in the moment and being grateful for what is.

This takes practice, but it is an exercise I have recently been experimenting with and it has been truly powerful.  I feel less burdened.  I feel like I have more time since I am not thinking about the past or what it is I have to do or go buy or need to do to fill in that moment.  I drop inside often and discover that, “Wait, I don’t really need to go buy that I have this I can use.”  Or I might realize it is not even something I really want.

What do you like to practice to keep you in the ‘now’?