I am really feeling the pull of earth and animal energies this year.  I feel really safe, nurtured, and calm when I am just BEing in the forest or even on a walk.  I love to notice the changes in the trees, meadows, birds, and dirt are going through.  I immerse myself in their texture, smell, and especially this time of year-Winter, their starkness.

I think this is due to the ever-shifting nature of our worldly world…we need a place to anchor to.  Being in Nature has always allowed me to go deeper into myself.  If you are feeling isolated or lost  with the current situation and the energy of too much worldliness…then retreat into nature and come out stronger for it.

woman in wild

I have felt the companionship of a few particular animal energies this year so far.  Oddly, last year it was ‘Donkey’.  I learned a bunch from these sturdy, helpful, and stubborn animals.  This year it is the wild and strong ‘Wolf’ energy.  The other is the beautiful and healing bird the ‘Flicker’.

healing flicker feathers

Flickers are in the woodpecker family and are held sacred by many.  There feathers are used by healers.  I have a few.  I love them!  The quill part is orange and then I have some with the polka dots.  Totally cool.  I have incorporated them into healing tools.  A rattle and a feather smudge wand  used to break up stagnant energy and cleanse the energy field.

Feathers have big medicine to offer.

Ever since the December Moon Cycle I have been feeling Wolf energy.  And it has been showing up in my dreams and many other places.

When I am curious about animal energies I encounter or feel, I go to Ted Andrews book called “Animal Speak- The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small.”  It has wonderful explanations of the energy of the animal and how to work with it.

So, in reading up on ‘Wolf’ here’s what stuck with me:  They are great communicators (lots of vocal communication), they trust their instincts and make quick decisions, rediscover ritual, have a strong sense of smell and hearing, and it reflects a strong connection to psychic insights.  All of these I just listed have been prevalent in the themes coming up for the year.  Synchronicity.

So, I listen to what the animal energies are nudging me towards.  It helps me forge a stronger connection to my inner drop (my Essence, my power, my Higher Self).  There I can listen and take inspired action from a place of deep knowing and trust.

tell the world your dreams

And there is also the strong correlation between wolves and the moon.  And you know I love to work with the phases and cycles of the Moon.  (You can go here to get a free Ebook to start your manifesting with the Moon)

Do you all have any animals that show up regularly or that you can relate to certain events in your history???  I love to hear it in the comments.

Blessings and Light to you all, Diana

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