I love those days.

Have you ever had a day where you did so many things that are at the top of your fave list that you kinda
feel a bit surreal—
like floating on a fluffy cloud where tiny little snacks and tasty beverages were served?

Well, I wasn’t on that cloud, but if that had happened it wouldn’t have surprised me in the least.

I recently had a day like that.

A day filled with all the new things that I dream of having more of in my life.  A day that soon I hope will be just another normal ol’ day for me.  A day that I am starting to create one drop at a time.

This is one thing I am realizing (before I get to my frickin’ awesome day) that IT (whatever your or my ‘IT’ might be) doesn’t happen over night or even next week most of the time.  It takes time and consistent effort every little day…to get that BIG day or that shift to happen.

That is why I am always saying one drop at a time.

If every day I am putting some effort in action or thought towards what I want in my life it makes a drop.

Sometimes a tiny drop. Sometimes a bigger drop.  BUT a drop.

And drops start little ripples that spread out and initiate other things, other drops and other ripples.  They grow and grow and pretty soon you have little waves of change and growth.

So my awesome day didn’t just happen.  I made it happen.  Some of it took years of study and work. Some of it was able to happen through people, connections and community.

Some of it happened because I said, “YES.” (actually all of it)

Interesting how not saying this little word (which is not little at all) keeps us from starting those ripples.

Side note: Need a little nudge to start some ripples?…try my free class.  Go and sign up.

Will you start saying, “YES” when that little spark goes off inside?
Will you start putting a drop every day towards what you want?

What are the first things you can think of that you would like to call forth in your life?

  • a more organized life, house, or kitchen – did you know you have all the space you need?
  • more self-care-more long baths, long walks, and long sleeps.
  • doing more creative things-painting, laundry on roller skates or underwater polo.
  • going more fun places- ikea on holiday weekend (just kidding).
  • reading more books on…tiny bird houses on Mars or the wives of Henry the Eighth or how to make your own eco-spackle.
  • having parties -just because.

Just kidding…I like to do that though to get the creative juices rolling.  It crushes the limited thinking gremlin lurking in my mind.

So what are 5 things you want to bring forth in your life?  Write them down.  Yes, right now.  Do it!  Please.

Start some tiny drops.  Yes, they should be tiny.  You might want to start with making cookies before you jump to making your own spackle.  Start by cleaning something small, like a side table or the sink, before you tackle the whole garage remodel into a private studio with shag rugs and disco light.  {wink}

Starting small will give you the juice to get to the place where you CAN tackle the BIG stuff.  Break it down into tiny drops.  Start a daily practice of looking at this list of 5 things you wrote and thinking about how your going to get there.

Just doing this might be your first tiny drop.

I am going mention the free class AGAIN because it is a fabulous way to help you start.

Okay, Okay….my day…

It first started out with my favorite morning routine:  sleeping in a bit, coffee, walking with the dog, my daily sheet (you get this in the free class) and a Tarot reading for myself.  Lovely.

Then I had a remote Reiki healing session with a client.  Awesome.

Later, I was invited to do Tarot readings for a Bachelorette Party for THE most lovely group of women.  It was so frickin’ fabulous.  They were so into the readings and the cards.  Such beautiful, loving and supportive friends.  I was so honored to be a part of their celebration.  I almost had to pinch myself.  I love the cards so much and here I was doing it for others and being that person in the real world who can read Tarot cards for you.  Never gets old.

Never, because when you are doing what you want it is always a joy right down to your soul.

To top the evening off I went to the grand opening of a Sound Temple here in Seattle.  Gorgeous space. The bowls are made of frickin’ crystals and precious metals.  They are specially made for healers.  The Sound Bath that Irene performed was…it is beyond words.  I was laying on the floor in that beautiful space and totally taken somewhere else while still fully and amazingly in my body.

And then—as if all this weren’t enough—I got to put down my deposit on the Egypt trip I am going on in January 2016.  I cannot say how totally amazing this trip is going to be.  It is kinda surreal–not really happening still.

But I am saying “YES!” 

Read the details of the trip here.  But be warned–you are gonna want to go.

Pretty amazing stuff, right?

What drops are you starting?  Where will those ripples lead?

One drop at a time.

Thanks, dear ones.
Blessings & light– di

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