I love words. I especially love the exploration of words of a different language. What other people call things is intriguing to me. Do you all have this fascination as well? Comment below with your favorite word or phrase from another language.

Dust bunnies. You know those little bits of yuck…hair, dust, skin flakes (yikes!) and goodness knows what else, gathering under beds and in dark corners. What a constant nuisance. Can’t someone event a dust bunny buster?  Or declare a no gathering zone? I’d love it.

Spring is just about here, so Spring Cleaning is on my mind. I am going to dig in and prep and enliven my home for the coming of the light and beauty that the newness Spring brings. There will be dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, cleaning….and then clearing, smudging, and blessing the energy of the house. Yes, sage will be involved, as well as salt, fire, and water.

So, what do you think they call dust bunnies in other places?

Here’s some info from Wikipedia:

In Danish they are called “nullermænd” (“nuller-” from the verb “nulre”, meaning to move something between one’s fingers, and “-mænd” meaning “men”)
In Finnish they are called “villakoira” (meaning: wool dog) after the language’s nickname for the actual dog breed poodle
In French they are called “moutons” (meaning: sheep)
In German they are called “Wollmäuse” (meaning: wool mice)
In Hungarian they are called “porcica” (meaning: dust cat)
In Norwegian they are called “hybelkaniner” (meaning: “lodging bunnies”)
In Polish they are called “koty” (meaning: cats)
In Portuguese they are called “cotão”.
The Scots word is “oose”
In Spanish they are called “pelusa”.
In Swedish they are called “dammråttor” (meaning: dust rats).

Cats, bunnies, rats, sheep…seems like everyone knows of these little guys. Not sure if I understand the Danish ‘moving men’…unless they are imagining little men roaming around under the bed. Freaky.

Well, what I do know is that I like to have them under control (at least most of the time).

I also like to know that I have my own personal dust bunnies under control as well.

To routinely cleanse, balance, and purify my energy.

Here are some things I do around Spring time to welcome new energies and release the old for my home and for my body.

  • hot soaks in a salt bathclear negative energy with a foot soak
  • fire ceremony to release the old and welcome the new
  • fresh flowers
  • candles and incense
  • drink lots of water
  • detoxing cleanse
  • eat more fresh local fruits and veggies
  • visualizations of light within my body glowing
  • take time to reflect on what I want to create this year
  • take that list and start to plan the steps to create it
  • evaluate what is and isn’t working or feeling good in life and body

All of these practices above help get a focus for what I want to cultivate for the year ahead. To me Spring is where the seeds start to be planted for the year. This is where you get down to business.

What do I need to let go of, to heal, to release, or to work on to let what I want to bring in happen?


What are the main things that are holding me back or keeping me stuck?  What am I telling myself or doing that is in direct conflict with what I say I want?


Where are your dust bunnies?  Are they in the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual?–you know they are there.  We all have them- the sludge, the muck, the habits, the anger, the addiction, the worry, the fear, the sadness, the trauma, the hurt and more and more.  Well, let’s sit with some of those dust bunnies.

Which ones are ready for you to grab?  Some will stay elusive in that dark corner…that’s okay…work with where you are and what you can reach right now.

Go gently and take a peek into the small corner that’s ever so slightly illuminated so that you can almost see the dust bunny or maybe just feel that it is there.  Something is nudging you, telling you it’s there and willing to be grabbed up, healed, worked with, and illuminated.

Gently greet that dust bunny. It has been gathering all the stuff around it, holding it till you’re able to see it.  You have been letting it hold each little speck of hurt, fear, or anger for you.  Wow, thank it for being of service to you until you could look at it.  See it.  See the whole of it and how it has been held for so long.  Now you know what it is and can begin to clear it away, so that you can do the BIG work you have always dreamed of.

How has it been showing up for you?

Has it showed up in your thinking? Those bad things you tell yourself, the limiting thinking, the negative self-talk, the fear.  Where/When did it start to gather?

Is it manifesting as pain or disease in your body?

Is it showing you a way in which you limit your growth and ability to create?

Is it holding you back from creating the business and life that you dream of?

Tease apart that dust bunny a bit more…I know it sounds disgusting…but you are here, because you want to be better, to do more, to create the luscious life you crave, and dear one, sometimes that means you need to get dirty and get real with what is really going on. And you can do it, because you’re strong, beautiful, and courageous–you are a warrior goddess.

Love, bravery, and truth are our tools. 

What can you heal from this discovery of this particular dust bunny?

If you don’t know yet, hold it with curiosity and do some of the Spring practices listed above. It may not unravel right away.  It may take a bit of time before it can fully be removed.

Sit with it.  Let it be dissolved by your new practices, your truth telling, your brave actions, and by the seeds you are planting.

POOF!  It may just vanish.

reiki healing for boss ladies

release and heal

If you can see the dust bunny, but it is just too much to tackle on your own or you get overwhelmed with where to start or what to do…then please get in touch with me…this is what I help heal and what the work I do with women digs into.

I want to help you make your life luscious and you can’t do that with dust bunnies hanging from your elbows.

boss lady transformation

Cheers to spring cleaning

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