A game?  Sounds fun, huh?  Sounds needed.  Sounds like it might help move things out of the density that seems to have its claws dug in deep lately.

reiki moon healing for women

There’s a so much going on in the world that things seem to be magnified and more emotional than EVER.  I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin to do….um, anything!?  In a way I feel like that I should ONLY be focused on fighting, standing up, and showing up.  Reading and educating myself on what the most important things are right now.  Where to go and what to do.  What to say and how to respond.

And yet…

I still need to take care of myself and my loved ones.  I still need to work and do chores.  I still need to find beauty and love in the world.  I still need to do the work that is for me to do.

I can’t do it all.

Nor can you.

Everything is up right now.  We are being called in BIG ways to really show up and create the ways in which we want to be in this world and with each other.  How are we going to do that?

Nothing changes without challenge.  Well, we have our challenge now…so what are we gonna do with it? 

So far I have been thinking of the big picture- of what is happening in the larger world.  But truly change happens within each of us first.  The growth and progression that needs to be brought forward can’t come forth unless we break out of our ruts and find some real true motivation.

So let’s start with where we are and who we are.

This game (which I’ll tell you about in a minute) is to find and nurture the things that makes us feel like we are moving forward, making progress, feeling connected to our purpose, and taking steps to get there.

making progress

This game gets us out of the rut we’ve been in. By participating you will create a mindfulness married to your deep intention with the daily actions.  And I bet this spreads and causes some ripples in your life.

This game is not difficult, in fact is designed to be easy and create momentum that moves it along without falling into the usual traps of getting overwhelmed, procrastinating, forgetting by making it too hard to participate.

Are you ready to PLAY?

Join me for 14 days of this juicy motivational mindfulness and intention.  We start with the clear slate of a perfectly energized New Moon for our launch date (Feb. 27th, 2017).  With the growing light of  the moon your light will also begin to take on the energy of your intention.

new moon ritual

When we arrive at the Full Moon about 14 days later- you will have laid a path of new motivation and alignment with your desires.  You will see the potentials and be ready to take the next steps to optimize them and create some big and bold new ways to live your luscious life.  There will be no more holding back or staying stuck.  Your daily effort will have banished those old ways that just don’t work for you anymore.

full moon creativity

Join me for this game.  I’m calling it “Tiny Drops that Start a Ripple.”

Each day you do (you can do the same thing everyday or change it) something-a small task, a small practice/exercise, a small action- that makes you FEEL like you are moving forward-that reinforces your desire to grow, change, and create your luscious life.

Just one tiny drop a day.

Doing things with intention always creates a shift in your inner world and then expands out.  Just like a tiny tiny rain drop causes a giant ripple to the farthest edge of a pond.  Oceans are made of drops.

tell the world your dreams

An example of an action you could do daily:  say, it is just making your bed each morning upon rising.  But with the intention of _____________________.  You insert your desire, wish, or ‘goal’ here.  Your intention can range from the practical (like creating a more orderly and clean home) to the spiritual (sending loving thoughts of healing to the world) to your financial (attracting more wealth to you)…what you need to do is to do your action with this intention–consciously-mindfully, purposefully.  Then open yourself to receive it.

Then the MAGIC happens!

I’d suggest picking one overall focus for the 14 days.  Like I said, you can create a momentum with doing the same action each day or you can change it up-whatever feels good.  Expanding the energy of your intention is what this game is about.

one tiny drop expands out

Breaking up the routine and inserting a conscious activation of your desire to create an authentic and luscious life is the focus.  Feel like you are connecting with something larger.

I’ll be providing motivation and tips and be looking for your celebrations and A-HA’s in the private Facebook group I created for this game.  Join in and feel the power of group energy all investing their amazing energy in this with you.  Share your struggles, your inspiration, your ideas, your celebrations, and your insights as we progress through this 14 day game.

I wonder how soon you’ll feel the shift? 

So, jump on over there and join.  Introduce yourself and, if you’re ready, share your intention for the 14 days.  Invite some friends and do it together.

share in the group energy

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  JOIN in the game.

Feel the magic come alive.  I can’t wait to hear your reports.

We start soon!

Blessings, Diana