Drop In…Expand Out? What in the HEC does that mean?

My original intent was to talk about this Tarot spread reading a group I am in did that really struck me deep-
and now I know why-it talks about what I talk about all the time that Drop in…Expand out stuff.

Whoa! Super cool, interesting coincidence (do you believe coincidences and synchronicities are teachers? I do)

So dropping IN.
What I mean when I say this is that you drop your awareness down into your belly and really truly feel (feel in your body and soul) how you feel about something. The truth of what is being presented whether it is an inner thing or something outside of you.
Is it your intuition? Possibly. Is it your soul? Possibly. Is it your higher self? Possibly. Or all of the above?

I don’t really care what you call it.

I call it your inner drop. And I want you to connect to it, to live your life from this place in your being. Feel whole, integrated and on track because you know the truth of what is true for you. And you are strong and powerful in that truth. And it is yours and yours only, baby!

Check in with it. Drop down inside. Feel. Listen. Ask a question out loud of it. Wait and feel the response- the answer- the feeling and the truth that comes.     And it will come.    It may take practice.    Keep practicing.    Develop ways to hear the answer.

(Writing, meditation and oracles are great tools)

Okay, so that’s the dropping in (in a nut shell). SO now…what is this expanding OUT stuff?

The expanding out stuff IS… what are you going to do with the information that you got from your inner drop?
What are you going to do with that truth and knowing you have just gleaned?

  • take dramatic steps toward your health and well-being
  • stop that thought…pick a better one!
  • ask for help
  • forgive yourself or someone else
  • understand where that false truth came from and how to change it.

When you EXPAND it is going from a place that maybe was comfortable and normal to a higher viewpoint, a bigger vista, a place to soar from and not just coast. It is growth. It is change. It is better.

That is it.

Expansion into new ways of being. Better ways of being. You see more options. You see more opportunities because you have opened up your awareness. Most of all you don’t accept the way you thought before. Now you know the truth of what your inner drop really feels about that thing and it is no longer– you now see and think about that thing differently. Expansion. You choose differently and find options that serve your higher truth or goals. Expansion. Finding the truth behind something allows you to explore better options.

Now for that super cool Tarot reading which displays these thoughts about your inner drop beautifully.


This was a group spread with my group of woo-woo women. For this group spread we each shuffled and drew a card.

Our question was “What does the Moon card have to teach us?”

The Moon (18) (pictured at the top center) is all about your inner world-reflection, feeling, unconscious, intuition and ways to choose to move through the gates to move forward. Old ways are no longer working. Kinda what I was just talking about…your inner drop. We did a simple Body, Mind and Soul spread with a couple of extra cards for more information.

The Queen of Swords (body position) is all about being decisive, capable and cutting through things. Awesome advice for how to harness what you learn by dropping in. Bring it out and cut through the BS holding you back. And it being in the body position is about doing this in the physical world.   A tool.   Be decisive and take action with the information you learned. This action may be about the way think about something.

The Ace of Cups (mind position) is about new emotions. More on this with the next card as they reflect each other.
The Tower (16) (soul position) is about changing core beliefs, breaking down walls, changing your structures of operation. Whoa! So those gifts of new emotions –Ace of cups-(or maybe they are old ones that have resurfaced AGAIN!) are presented so that they can be worked on.

Restructure, renew and rebuild.

I see this as a spiraling dance in the staircase of the Tower. You work your way up and sometimes you go back down the stairs for a bit before you can jump to the next level. This new emotion shows up and throws you for a loop. By working on it –you grow and change and restructure your world.
The two extra cards are really where the magic lies. They are the two ways can choose to act on what your inner drop says. You can choose Peace (on the left) and accept the truth OR on the other side is Strife (on the right) having anxiety and being scattered. I love this. When you are anxious it is usually because you are dwelling in the past or the future or you are not being decisive about what you CAN do right now. The symmetry of this reading is amazing.

The Queen of Swords is your tool here to cut through, make decisions and choices to break through and know what is the highest and best that will serve you moving forward. The suit of the swords is about your mental/thinking so she will help you in re-engineering your thoughts that have now been informed by your inner drop.

Pretty awesome, huh?

I love how working with the cards allows us to see and learn.

They give us tools to make our lives better.

If you need some help seeing your way around a problem or need to get a handle on some stuff hit me up on innerdrop.com and schedule a reading.

I do them by video call or over the phone. I have three types of spreads for you to consider. If you don’t know which one would be best for your situation send me an email and ask.


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