Okay, so you know how I sold everything, quit my job of 11 years, and moved into my tiny home on wheels to go ALL in on being and doing my coaching and healing work?  Or as I say changing my life.  Well, with that comes the open schedule, the less structure, the more free time, the endless possibilities of what I could/should be doing, right? 

What should I do? How should I do it?  

Should I post on social media today? Should I do a oracle reading? How can I help more people? What am I going to write about? What should I do first? What is my inspiration/message today? What time do I eat, sleep, walk the dog, shower, and in what order?  So, many things that I get to DECIDE.  And sometimes that seems so overwhelming that I freeze and just do this and that without really doing things really intentionally or productively.

All these things are up for me. I get to make my day go how I want.  But what is it I want? What will get me to where I want to be?  (That’s an interesting question that just flowed out)

What is my day for?  Is it for me? Is it for my work? Is it to get results? OR is it to BE?  To BE what? To be at peace? To make a difference? To keep things moving forward? To get money in the bank? To get clients to help? To take care of my life, all the details to just live, stay alive?  THIS is a pretty big question–“What is my day for?”

I am going to sit with this question. I do think it is a bit of all these things. BUT I want to know the underlying motivation/vibration of my day…what is it for?  I think I have an answer…what would be yours?  Take a minute- write it out in your journal.

I have put some structure to my new life.  I wrote out which days I see clients, which days I write my notes to you and blog, what days I am off, and when I do admin type stuff.  Today I am considering my daily schedule-how I want my day to be structured.  But what I am really considering today is how I want to feel during my day.  Totally different, right?  

In thinking about how to write this note to you, this note, about what I want to say about TOO much freedom…I decided to pull some oracle cards on what to say about it.  Very interesting what came up.  All disk cards- which is the material/physical world.  The first card was ‘worry-5 of disks’. Being caught up in all the stuff. Overwhelm. Then I drew another card for guidance away from this ‘worry’ and the ‘6 of disks-success’ came up.  I immediately saw the harmony of making things flow. 6’s are very balanced energy. Feeling this in my body and my world.  And I drew another card for how it comes together ’10 of disks-wealth’ a fullness in the physical world.  Now since I was talking having too much freedom, what does this card say…I think it says to feel the potentials around you…feel really grounded in your body…feel supported physically. And then I drew a final card for the gift of all this…’6 of cups-pleasure’.  Beautiful gift. Isn’t this what we want from our day?  To be fulfilled, to feel full. Emotionally. Joy from with in and externally. The cups on this card are being fed from above and below.  And so it is that we too should be. 

So, as I decide how to want to feel during my day I will consider the Pleasure card. What fills me up.  What I gives me pleasure? AND to do what I ‘need’ to do with pleasure.  

That is how I want my day to feel. 
That is what my day is for.

Is that getting a reaction from you? Does it push your button to say, “Isn’t that ‘selfish’, ‘narcissistic’, ‘indulgent’?  

I beg to differ. If I am not loving and feeling good about what I am doing then why in the hell am I doing it??  Ask yourself that.  

When I do anything I try to do it with love…for myself and others.  (AM I perfect? No.)  I know that when I move through my day in this vibe that things go way easier and that I enjoy my day. My day is IN JOY.  Yay! Pleasure. Love. Good vibes.

So, my answer to, “What my day is for?” is– IS to LOVE. 

To love in every situation. To approach even the mundane in the vibe of love. In the conflict or frustration with love. In driving in traffic with love. In washing the dishes with love. In feeding yourself and your family with love. In making the bed with love. In walking down the street with love. In the argument with your partner with love. In the rude person in the checkout line with love. In writing your blog. In answering emails. And on and on.

How would you being the vibe of LOVE change how you approach these situations?

Try it out.  Let me know if you tried it and the results you saw.

Sending you love & high vibes!
– di