Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing & Transformational Spiritual Coaching with DianaInner Drop Stars

Inner Drop Do you feel like you’re stuck & holding yourself back from growth & living a bigger life?

Inner Drop Do you want to live a life that feels luscious?

Inner Drop Do you want to help the world be a better place?

Inner Drop Does your energy feel cluttered?

Inner Drop Do you want to let go of past stories, habits, & traumas?  And really remember who the eff you are?

Inner Drop Are you ready to show up confident & brave for the desires of your Heart?

You probably said, “Hec, Yes!” multiple times to these questions, right?

And then you probably said, “I don’t know what to do first?  What I desire seems so far away.”

I know how to take LEAPS, make scary life-changing decisions, & go ALL IN on the Luscious Life I desire to create. 

I Have Done IT!

I made HUGE life changes to go to my next level & pursue my BIG DREAM. I’m here to  support other visionary women to do the same. . .live a life full of purpose, passion, & joy.

Sometimes to get the Luscious Life you want –YOU must LEAP.

My work is to support you as you go for the desires of  Your Heart & Heal what’s in your way of getting it.

In sessions with me we will:

Inner Drop refine your mindset, habits, & lifestyle to manifest your new level.

Inner Drop call forward your truth & magnetize it to you– Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Inner Drop get super clear on what YOU want.

Inner Drop create strategies, tools, habits, & rituals to bring all of the above into your world, thus, creating a Luscious Life.

Ways to Work With Diana:

Inner Drop  Powerful Spiritual Coaching Sessions

Inner Drop  Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Sessions 

Inner Drop “40-days to LEAP”™ Coaching Series for Massive Up-leveling

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Powerful Spiritual Coaching Call with Diana

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You can transform your life, heal your shadow stories, & BE healthy, strong, & vibrant as you DO the BIG work & create the DREAM you’ve always desired.  I’m an expert in supporting women to get to the root of what is holding them back from getting the life they desire.  In these Private Calls from the comfort of your own home we will work to bring you:


Inner Drop Strong, vibrant energy, confidence, purpose, passion, & joy. 

Inner Drop Clarity on exactly what you want your luscious life to BE & FEEL like.

Inner Drop A set of strategies, tools, daily practices, & rituals to strengthen your energy & achieve your goals.

In these powerful calls I use a blend of tarot consultations, intuitive guidance from Spirit & your Helpers, and energy clearing & balancing to integrate the shifts to your new level & new goals.

Single Private One & Half Hour Session 









Inner Drop Hand Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Session

Diana works with you energetically to feel Powerful, Strong, Balanced, Focused & Ready to go for your bigger life.  In this session we’ll clear your chakras, energy system & then return them to balance.  We will consult your Helpers, the Tarot, and your own Wisdom to discover the path going forward.  We’ll use a combination of Intuitive Tarot Consultations, Journeying, Breath Work, Sound Healing, & Focused Spiritual Coaching to get balanced, rooted and super clear on the steps to rise to your call.

Two hours of healing energy work & spiritual coaching

“40-DAYS TO LEAP” ™ Coaching Series for Massive Up-Leveling with Diana

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Private Coaching Series for 40-days to really gain clarity & momentum to up-level, transition, or transform with support, ease, clarity, & confidence.  We will break down the blocks, the old beliefs, the dense stagnant energy, & traumas that are keeping you from leading the life you desire.  If you are making BIG changes or if life is throwing them at you this is the program for you.  

I am an expert at supporting women through BIG transformations & transitions.  My powerful blend of Intuitive Spiritual Coaching, ability to clear your old patterns & return you to balance, use of the Tarot cards to get to issues beneath the surface, & helping you get clarity on exactly what you want are what makes the changes & up-leveling you desire easier, faster, & deeper.

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“Find Your ‘YES !” — a whole season of connection and remembering. . .Who the EFF you are.

Rise and restore.

A 12-week immersion in healing, support, real world trouble-shooting, and planning.   

Intuitive spiritual coaching, energy work, tarot…whatever your focus needs to be– we get at it together.  A sacred container full of the energy you need to get through or over what life is throwing at you.  You don’t have to do it alone.