I see you.inner drop

You’re a woman who’s rockin’ it on so many levels.

People see you doing it all.

What people don’t see is that you feel like you are not doing what you came here to do.

You know there’s more for you.  More ways to make a difference. More success. More influence. And more ways to for you to show up as who you really are.  To do your BIG work.

Your desire is so strong, but so are all your BS fears, limiting beliefs, and lack of confidence.

How do I know this about you?  ‘Cuz I’ve been there and I guide women to the other side of this BS every day.

It’s super scary to bust through your upper limits, to face your fears, to release old patterns and stories, and to remember your truth.  Hell yes, it is, but it is also growth, success, and knowledge to share with others as you step in to the BIG work you crave.

Holding back is what’s keeping you from being successful in the thing you desire.

I would love to work with you for 40-days to build a foundation within you and your life so that you can take the LEAP to your BIG work. To take the next big step, to make the choice, to make the plan, to design the strategies—we’ll build this from the inside out.

We’ll start with your most pressing issues, your biggest fears and challenges.  Each week the sessions and energetic infusions will open you up to places, truths, ideas, and inspirations that you’ve never even considered.  When all the BS falls away– all the light and truth can enter.  AND you’ll feel this in EVERY cell of your body.

To be embodied is to be in connection with all parts of you. To be whole, centered, and aligned.

You will KNOW what you want, what’s okay and what’s not, what the next best step is, and how to get to there.  You’ll be able to access your truth, intuition, and essence for the answers and support you need.

Sounds powerful, huh?


You are a magical creator being.  A warrior goddess. 

You can have what you desire.  You can do the BIG work you came here to do.

It’s my mission and my BIG work to help you do your BIG work.

So, here’s the details of how the 40-days flows:

Once you make the decision to step in to this ‘40-day’ space the magic begins.

We begin with an in depth first session, to dial in your needs, wants, desires, our schedule and other protocols and the ultimate plan for your 40-days.  I call this our kick start day.

The work I do is on an energetic and spirit level, so I create a high vibe container for the protection and intention of our time.

The on-going weekly sessions will allow you to up level fast and keep clear and aligned.  As you go bigger more stuff will come up.  These weekly sessions will allow you to move through challenges quickly.  At the close of each session we’ll create your focus, homework, and action steps for the week ahead.

You also have unlimited access to me for support by email or FB messenger (during business hours, of course) in between sessions. I show up for you 120%.

I will provide support, push you, and hold a strong container, so you can do all the big scary beautiful things.  I do the energetic work with you, so things go easier and you’re more aligned and empowered.

free and powerful woman

Who’s this for:

  • Visionary leaders, change makers, influencers and boss ladies who want to make an impact.
  • Women who show up and do the work. Come to the sessions prepared and eager.
  • Women who show up and do the work even when it’s not what they wanted, but it’s just what they needed.
  • Women who are a bit woo-woo or a lot.
  • Women who know that how far they can go is totally up to how much they are willing to challenge themselves. It’s up to you to do the work.
  • Women who want to create their luscious lives in a way that reflects who they really are.

And there are bonuses!

  • You get my chakra activation workbook
  • My e-book on the 5 C’s to manifest, co-create, and attract your dreams.
  • You’ll be invited to become a member of my private FB group of Ripple Makers. Doing all the little things each day, so that we can build the muscles to do all the BIG things.
  • The opportunity to receive continued support from me after the 40-days in single consultations and energy sessions at a reduced rate. Or choose to continue working with me on a regular basis (6-month period) at a super special rate.

I would love to talk to you about the LEAP.

I know it is scary. You can feel the fear and do it anyway. That’s brave.

That’s what warrior goddesses do.

Invest in you and your BIG work for 40-days