Hey, Lovely!  What’s standing in your way of having a luscious life these days?

Inner Drop Sun

Are you being blocked by fear?  Are you shut down by the gremlins in your head?

Are you sabotaging yourself?  Are you afraid to truly run for the life you really want?

All of these are probably true.

What are you going to do to break through and take the leap that you know will fuel that life you have dreamed of?

Money and success, yes, of course, but what about freedom, spaciousness, comfort & a sense of purpose.

And the courage to pursue all of these things.blonde-677779_640

ALL the deep-juicy-luscious parts of life you want as well.

In this a 12-week immersion where you find (and heal) all the parts you want to say ‘YES’ to and finally put to bed all the NO’s that just don’t work for you anymore.

Find where your ‘YES!’ is and RUN to it!

In our 12 weeks together (a whole season!) we will discover the blockages you have and free them, we’ll build new wisdom there that is more fierce, more passionate and the truth for you.

Our sessions are ones of deep listening, planning next steps, building new skills, trusting new truths and shedding old ones. Reiki energy is awesome at making all these go easier, faster and deeper.

You’ll not only see results in your life—you’ll feel them in your body, mind and soul.

Feel like the warrior goddess you ARE!

What’s involved:

Inner DropOur kick-start day begins with sacred initiation ceremony to create a container for all your big work.  It’s a 3-4 hour day (with several breaks) of strategy and getting down to what the core issue is.  With lots of fun ways to explore them–like visualizations, tarot, reiki and deep convo.

Inner Drop  Plenty of remote reiki sessions during the 12 weeks to fully support your transformation.

Inner Drop  Energetic coaching calls (30-45 minutes every 7-10 days) to get feedback and clarity on how to take next steps.

Inner Drop  Written guides, techniques, and daily sheets to teach you new skills and keep the momentum going.

Inner Drop  Weekly goals and strategies to keep you on track. (you have homework!)

Inner Drop  Two 20 minute Emergency Phone calls for times when you just need to be heard.

This is where you take that just so-so thing or even the nastiest challenge and start to peel away the layers that either got you there or are keeping you bogged down like a sack of rocks.

Your stuck. Stagnating. And feeling it—BIG time!

It might be really intense right now.

AND this 12-week immersion will totally support you to make a big shift and gain mastery of awesome tools and resources so that you create lasting change and continue the creation of a luscious life.

In the loving healing space of our sessions we go deep and dig out the nuggets of bliss.

Those things that make you throw your hands up and shout ‘YES!’

Create habits, routines, and rituals to grow and nurture your luscious self–forever.

R-U-N to that ‘Yes!’ that you create!

I offer this to a VERY limited number of people– so that I can be fully available to you.

It’s an investment in YOU.  Are you ready!?


First Step:

APPLY now by clicking the button to fill out a questionnaire.  We can then schedule a time to chat and see if we are a fit to do this BIG work together