Toth Tarot DeckI have used Tarot card readings as a personal and professional tool for insight, guidance and personal growth for many years. I love the way the cards help us to see a pattern, a behavior, a way of thinking or a new possibility that we may have not seen previously.  OR a beautiful affirmation that you’re on the right  path.

I use the Thoth deck of Tarot cards and “The Tarot Handbook” by Angeles Arrien is my go to reference. I love the beauty and many layers of the cards and the awesome wisdom that they share.

I don’t ‘tell the future’ or use the cards in that manner. My use is purely for personal insight, growth and development.

My preferred way of offering readings is through ZOOM so that we can be fully present with the cards and each other.

I’d love to dive into the cards with you.

Four A's Spread

Intuitive Tarot Consultation with Di


Get clear insight into what is going on in your inner and outer world. Are they aligning? Where are they not matching up or what can you build on going forward?  We’ll pull as many cards as needed to get you the clarity and direction you need now.


60 minutes of deep consultation and strategy on what’s next  $44