In-Person Session $133 for 90 minutes

Reiki is a gentle healing modality that works in conjunction with your own energy system to bring light, clarity, and healing to you on physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels of your being. Diana is a Master Alchemy Reiki Practitioner in the Usui tradition based in the Seattle area. Reiki energy works throughout your physical and energetic bodies, including your chakra system and the layers of your energy field. Chakras are energetic centers in our bodies, and each chakra is related to specific aspects of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

Inner Drop MindEach chakra and each layer of your field has a particular vibration and color associated with it. Where ever we have habits of holding resistance or fear in our body, the chakras become stagnant. Their colors dull and they lose their ability to distribute clean energy. Over time this stagnant energy can lead to patterns of emotional distress and physical illness of various forms. An energy session clears stagnant energy and allows your energetic system to “breathe” freely, increasing your capacity for health and healing.

To begin the session Diana uses an intuitive Tarot reading to gain insight, understanding and tools for your session. Powerful and practical tools often come from the reading. Often it will open us up to the true underlying concerns of the  session.

After discussing and getting clarity for the Reiki session we will progress with you lying comfortably fully clothed on a massage table. Diana will then facilitate the Reiki energy to work with your energy system as she is guided to. The energy flows throughout your body and energy field to where it is needed.

Many find the session very relaxing and feel more buoyant and whole after. In closing the session Diana uses special sound healing instruments that aid in the integration and clarification of your energy field and the session.

Remote Energy Sessions $87

Inner Drop HandDiana’s ability to perform distance energy work allows for you to enjoy a healing session from the comfort of your own home. It is much the same as an in person session (see above). We will go through most of the same steps. Beginning, first with a Tarot consultation over the phone or on Skype (recommended) and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying issues or get tools that move you toward healing. We will then hang up and you will relax into a comfortable setting and just enjoy the Reiki energy for the time period. At the end of the session we can then reconnect to check in and ask any questions.