Diana-  Just one week in and so much in my life has begun to transform toward the goals we set up for my 40 days to LEAP. Releasing the not-so-great habits and developing new ones – which are really taking form. The biggest “WhooHoo!” though is that my semi-annual oncologist checkup was amazing in so many ways—the biggest being that I get to go off my anti-cancer drug! This chapter is over. The fear I didn’t even realize I was carrying released in huge tears and sobs of gratitude and joy. My work with you is stirring up some amazing magic! Thank you! Ever so Grateful.
Inner Drop MindBonnie

“Thank you so much for your energy that day. Everybody was a buzz from their tarot reading. You have an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.”–Erin

“Diana, Thank you so much for doing the tarot readings. I agree that you have an amazing gift and I’d love to have another event with perhaps 3-4 ladies. I’ll be in touch!”–Laura

“You are so talented, Diana! Thank you for being there. Everyone loved it. I was really moved by my tarot reading.”–Linda

Inner Drop MindMystic Mommas Bachelorette Party

The reading I had with Diana was lovely and extremely accurate. It was a 3-card Tarot reading, and she provided very thorough and understandable explanations of the cards and their meaning. She also provided some wonderful suggestions based on the reading to help me at my current state. She is very friendly and has a very comforting and joyful energy about her. Being a reader myself, I highly recommend her!
Inner Drop MindHeather, Avon, OH

I went to see Di while dealing with an injury as well as going through some major life changes, just to try something new. She offered to do a Tarot card reading to start and I was amazed at how accurate the cards were for my situation. Di gave me insight as to how the cards can be literal but also gave more detail about each card explaining they have many meanings. Next I had a Reiki session and felt my pain and stress lifted. I felt clear and light, not congested and in a depressed state like before. I had never done Tarot cards or Reiki and I was shocked at how much it really changed how I felt. She opened my mind and body to the reality of energy spirits and I am now using her workbook to help bring back that experience when I need it.
Inner Drop MindMelody

I first visited Diana when I was feeling a bit out of sorts in February of 2012. Not knowing much about Reiki, I didn’t have many expectations. I thought I’d give it a whirl since I knew Diana and her caring and thoughtfulness in her approach to work and personal relationships. I was pleasantly surprised by the feeling after that first session, I felt lighter and should I say more “aligned”. Her gentle manner and her approach made the Reiki experience very positive for me. I have since visited Diana whenever I feel a need for a tune-up and always feel I’ve made an improvement in my feelings and life. She has a gentle, thorough, and caring approach and I would very much recommend her services and have done so to friends and family.
Inner Drop MindHeather

What a relief and how cool to work with Diana via long distance. It just didn’t seem to matter that we were 200 miles apart. I could feel the energy moving, and healing happening just being present with her guidance. This experience has shown me how distance is simply not a factor in energy healing. It just doesn’t matter.
Inner Drop MindNancy

The animal shelter can be a pretty noisy and scary place, but when Diana puts her hands on me and the light enters— I just relax in her lap and let it all melt away.
Inner Drop MindRoxy