I’ve been thinking about prayer a bunch lately. 

Who does it?  Why?  How?  Should I be doing it?  Do I actually do it and not recognize it as such?

Is it only for ‘religious’ people?

Do you only pray to God with a capital “G”?

What’s the purpose?

So many questions, right?

I do know there are different types of prayer.  There’s what I would call ‘ritual’ prayer.  Those memorized prayers that everyone does for a specific need or purpose.  There’s the just-before-bed-on-your-knees prayer.  There’s the blessing of the food before dinner prayer.  There are a litany of these everyday and special occasion prayers.  Mass, Hail Mary’s, baptism, last rites, Passover, sacrament, etc.

BUT the kinda prayer that I’ve been curious about is the one that comes from my inner essence (my inner drop) and is directed at–what??  Where is it going?  Why do it?

It’s the kinda prayer that solidifies and puts to order the challenges, wishes, needs, and requests that just kinda need a space to go.

seeker prayer healing

I’m hashing this out in my spirit right now.  Not because I’m fighting it, but because I want to discover more about it and how we frail little humans use it and need it.

I’m coming across many podcasts, books, and speakers that weave their prayers into all they do and they speak about it so wonderfully.

It really hits me when they share their prayers.  I feel the truth of it…of their belief and knowing of it to be powerful and necessary.

I am in total L O V E with Anne Lamott.  Saint Anne, as I recently heard her called.  I know it is true.  Such wisdom and so witty with words.  Her book of the only 3 prayers you ever need: Help, Thanks, and Wow.  Says it all, doesn’t it?  You can get it here.

I also listened to (twice so far) a podcast with her (Anne) and hosts, Glennon Doyle Melton (Love Warrior author) and Linda Sivertsen (Beautiful Writers Podcast).  And this is what I think of this podcast with Anne…IT COULD BE YOUR BIBLE.  Seriously…you wouldn’t need anything else. Nuggets of wisdom, truth, and vulnerability that are shared so beautifully and authentically.  Go listen, this is a command.

I am really in to podcasts and storytelling lately.  (Recommendations?)

So, Help, Thanks, and Wow.  That’s really what prayer comes down to.  You need something, you’re thankful for everything,  and you’re amazed by the perfection of the Universe (even when you can’t see it, yet).

I’m finding myself more with my eyes cast upward and my words in a sacred breath stretch out to connect.  My connections are to more than just the ONE.  The words I speak reach out to all those creatures, helpers, and energies that can assist and hear them.

prayer to the light

I pray to my guides, helpers, Archangels, animal helpers, Mother Earth, the Spirit of Water, and of course, to Source.  Source is what I call the Universal Energy.  You might call it, God, that’s totally fine.

I give thanks, send requests, ask for healing, express my current challenges and ask for assistance.  It friggin’ works. Just ask. Develop this relationship with whomever you choose.

I still have questions.  Always will, always should.

I now realize I do pray. It is not the ‘normal’ style of prayer that I grew up with. I have a practice that brings me closer to not only my inner self, but to the pure spirit of all.  To live my life in close relationship to both of these is my path and practice.

When I am in alignment with my inner awareness I’m closer to knowing what the next right step is.  If I’m not there…I can get there with help.

To close, I’ll share my new favorite quote about prayer and taking action from Anne Lamott, of course.

prayer quote anne lamott

Blessings and light to you,


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