I am so eager to sit down with the ‘Handcraft Your Year’ 2015 workbook/planner.

Inner Drop Mind

I was reviewing it, as I haven’t had the time with all the holiday bustle to have a spot of time to dedicate to it. Exciting. I love the project. It is like a craft day, a dream day…a creation day. Love it!
I am going to turn on some inspiring and beautiful music, brew some tea and get cozy in front of the fire. Staring at the flames for inspiration and ideas. Dreaming and scheming my 2015 into being. It all has to start somewhere, right? I have last year’s workbook and was looking through it. I did pretty darn well with all the plans and designs for year. Yeah, me!
Laying it all down at the beginning of the year is awesome. You have this road map for what it may look like. I take a gander at it at times during the year and see if I am still on track or if I need to adjust. Or sometimes the plan has taken a grand leap. It did last year…but it was still in the realm of my ultimate plan…I just pushed it a little closer (and bigger) into the real world.
I love to use color pencils and doodle in mine.  I love to make a vision map (there is one included for you) and set my goals –yearly, daily and monthly. All this is sketched out and provided for you to play and plan with. In the workbook there are questions that are thought provoking and let you reflect on last year and then create and design and dream about the year ahead. It is super fun! There is a section for monthly goals, a color vision map suitable for display, and a copy of a daily sheet for planning and focus (print more out for your daily practice).


Here are some of the questions for reflection and planning I found most intriguing to me right now:
++What is it that you cherish and love having in your pantry, but you are just not using like it you want to? How can you integrate it into more of your dishes?


++What do you never want to cook with again? What are you going to clear out of your pantry? What is no longer serving and nourishing you?


++Let’s make our lists for our new recipes and pantry now that we have done some dreaming:

+What 5 new ingredients will I integrate into my recipe?
+Five ways to nourish my body this year:
+Five ways I can start my day off with my dream recipe in mind:
+Five things I can infuse my home with that inspire my new recipe:
+Five ways I know that bring me back to my center when I feel off:

Tarot Fire Spread

The above are just some of my favorite questions to reflect on in the ‘HandCraft Your Year’ workbook. I love the cooking/kitchen metaphor because it can involve so many of your senses. You feel the desired thing in your body fully and therefore, it is more real and more easily accessible for you to remember, to regain and to renew the desired intention and plan.
I really hope you will join me in this creating and crafting of 2015. Download the free workbook at www.innerdrop.com– Your free gift and your awesome 2015 are waiting.
Blessings and abundance in 2015 to you all, Diana