Solstice is almost here
-the mid-point of the year-

How are you doing on the goals, plans & dreams you made at the start of 2015?

Not only is this an awesome time to celebrate the Sun and the Earth and YOU-
but it is a great time to inject all your dreams with NEW vitality and energy to fuel your dreams through the remainder of the year. It is a powerful way to use all the natural energy of the Earth (which is super duper high right now) to reinvigorate, renew and refocus all of your plans, intentions, goals and dreams.

I suggest that over the next few days you reflect on all the things you are wanting to bring into your life. Consider all areas.  Use my Free Workbook to go over what you want to toss and what you want to tend.  What you want to grow and what needs be composted.  Possibly you did some of this at the start of the year.

Possibly things have changed in your life. Maybe you have bigger dreams than you did at the start of the year, maybe you have gotten off track and need to jump back on. Read through what you wrote, add things, check off things that are accomplished, put checks by items that are in progress, and see and feel how you can invigorate the things that are not yet here.

Reflect (#1 way to see where you are)
Use the workbook. Take a look at what is going on this year for you–it may have took a turn that you didn’t expect. How does that effect the plans you had? Read through the workbook. See if the goals you had then line up with the ones you have now. Just reflect for now.

You may also want to reflect in other ways. Meditate, do a visualization, write a story or note to yourself, make art, use oracle cards or go for a walk while reflecting. Whatever gets you in your body and in your creative mind.

Refocus (#2 way to get things going your way)
This is not only where you add definition to the plan, but also set the momentum. Sometimes that involves teasing out the truth of what you really want to come into your life.
Are you being truthful with yourself about where and what you want to be? When you have nailed the truth right down to it’s essence–the path is so much easier and the goal so much more clear. This takes some real finesse and coaxing out the grains of truth that may be hidden very deep inside of you. You may only be able to go so far right now…and that’s okay, it is a process remember…one tiny drop at a time.

As I was reading my workbook today, I was struck by how far I have come in one specific area. That is so awesome! It is around a fear of scarcity and money. I have invested in lots of things over the last year. I have invested (said, “yes!”) even though money was really tight. I invested and said, “Yes!” because I know where I want to be in few years and that my investments will get me there.
Read more about my saying, ‘YES’ here.
It is great to know I have made a shift in this area. I now realize more quickly when I fall back into the thinking starts to fuel the gremlins of fear, self-doubt and worry. I recognize and catch that pattern and can stop it. It takes me constant effort still. It is not easy. I have to be consistent in pushing myself the way I want to go. One tiny drop at a time, right? Bad gremlins.

Re-energize (#3 step in going for it!)
Okay, here is where you dial in your plans and inject them with lots of juiciness.
First look at what you need to do to feel REALLY energized about it. Do you get excited when you think about yourself in that situation, space, or atmosphere? If not, how can you? Why don’t you? Work with what you are feeling until you see what is blocking you from feeling totally and completely jazzed.

If you are feeling totally jazzed up–AWESOME!– How can you keep that feeling?
Some ideas:

  • have weekly check-ins on the plan and progress.
  • plan little celebrations for yourself when you make ripples in your plan.
  • do your daily sheet to stay on track. Have you printed out yours for the week? Do it here.
  • be willing to make minor adjustments and be open as the situation unfolds.
  • have endless enthusiasm and feel like you are already where you want to be.

If you are feeling less than awesome-
Here are some ways to gain back some clarity that I love to use:

  • take a walk in nature (or around the block).
  • meditate or visualize to energize your whole being.
  • read uplifting and beautiful books or poetry.
  • do a tarot reading.
  • hang out with friends.
  • do some reflective writing or just doodle or draw.
  • do yoga, swim or run.

Truth, Plan and Action.
Tiny drops.

In closing, I want to share one of my favorite ways to celebrate Solstice…I love it ‘cuz it is SO easy and powerful (when you do it with this intention).

I like to lay down on the nice green lush grass that is warm from the summer sun and connect my whole body with Mother Earth. Feel the energy of the Earth touching your whole body. Energizing it. Feel the merging and flow of energy between you and Mother Earth (Gaia). Send your energy down into the earth, the dirt, through the rocks, down and down till you get to the crystal glowing core of Gaia. Exchange your energies with her. Does she have any gifts or messages for you? Listen. When you are ready–gently come back up-filled with light and love and fully grounded and connected to the Earth. Wiggle your toes and smile and laugh.

Now you are ready to go and get all you dreamed of at the start of the year.

Blessings & light–di