We all have those little gremlins lurking in our heads, telling us all that we didn’t do or that we screwed up or that we left that out or we just generally suck.

What can we do to stop that gremlin?!

What can we do to change the wiring in our heads that leads to that tape of negative self-talk playing over and over and over?

It is a hard thing to change, especially if it is a regular way of thinking for you.  I fell into it in certain situations and places–UNTIL I decided that I was going to CHANGE!

I decided I didn’t always want be judging, complaining and whining in my head.  I wanted to have better thoughts.

I wanted to have joy in my life.  I wanted to feel as much as joy as I could.

So I practiced.  At first it was really hard and I sucked at it.  The gremlins still got me.  Ran me through the ringer.  I kept on that treadmill—playing that same old tape about how bad this is, how that guy is so lazy, how she doesn’t do what she is supposed to do, how they keep showing up with the same questions and on and on.  I was complaining about everyone and then about myself.  UGH! Painful.  All of this in my head.  Hurting me.

I kept trying, kept practicing and I wrangled up some new ways to trap those gremlins and send them off to Pluto.

I changed the tape through silly games.  Guess what?  Silly games, work.  You might laugh.  I might seem shallow.  I might seem focused on the petty, but you know what my games keep me positive and have trained me out of the negative self-talk and complaining habit.

So my games, if that is what I am going to call these wonderful tools, started with my daily page (which you get in my FREE class and workbook).  I pick out a daily image and phrase to hold in my heart and head as I go about my day.  When I get thrown off my game and fall into anger, frustration, hopelessness, fear…whatever…I return to this image and word.  It really helps me.  Sometimes it may be for only a minute, but the more you practice the stronger the new pathways become.

Many times these images are of animals.  “Dolphin” is one my faves.  A smiling happy swimming freely dolphin blowing bubbles and laughing.  How can you be anything but happy and positive when you see a dolphin?

I have other image tools.  I have phrases.  I have topics and stories I rely on to keep my brain in its happy place.

I try to keep positive.

Jane McGonigal’s TED talk is a great example of how resilient and trainable the brain is. I really recommend her  4 exercises and game as well, especially if you’re really down (or injured, as in her case).  Her story is amazing and her passion for breaking through and being strong again is SO inspiring.  So try her tricks.

How do you feel after watching and doing the exercises along with her?  Pretty amazing, right?

Keep practicing.  It doesn’t happen overnight.

It happens one drop at a time!

Start a ripple of luscious in your life!

This is a great place to start (Clear a piece of ‘brain-land’ so you build your spot of JOY).

It’s like getting a clean slate.  A fresh canvas to build your dreams on.

A joyful, strong, courageous place to build on.  You can’t build on a space that’s cluttered and contaminated with junk.  Throw it out.  Let it go.

Be joy!