your power is . . .

My power lies in my passion.   I am working with the above affirmation this morning.  It feels amazing.  It draws forth the best parts of me.  I got this from my coach.  Borrowing it, using it, and rocking it. My power lies in my passion. It reminds me of who I am and also, where I want to go. It also helps me help others.  Because that is my passion.  I love to share what I love.  I often tell stories of my delight at a new food [keto-friendly ice creams], what my dog or cats are up to, or how I am learning and growing...for example; my favorite new podcast or book and what I loved about it.  Sharing our passions is what makes us-US.  We can all have the same experience, but we all experience differently.  You create the story you want to hold. I want you lovelies to remember you have power.  In your passions, in your mind, in your body.  You are in charge.  How you experience things is up to you.  How you command your actions, your thoughts, your beliefs, your habits, your reality, even your body...is up to you.  If you don't feel this now...that's okay...try an experiment...try telling yourself a different story. This will change your mindset which will change your reality.  If trying experiments like this are your thing or if they make you curious--you should totally join my secret Facebook group.  It's called 'Tiny Drops to Start a Ripples'.  It's a place where we share resources, practices, celebrations and challenges on the tiny little practices we work on each day to start big ripples in our lives.  I post a quest on there around once a week and we share our thoughts, what is working for us, and big a-ha's [...]

Top 10 essentials for my luscious self–and yours too!

Hello, Lovelies! I sat down and made a list of the things in my life that I really cherish and that make me feel luscious.  Sacred, divine, taken care of, nurtured...  Think of this as your Holiday gift list to yourself.  Or pass it on to someone to gift them to you.  Or you can gift these things to your best gal pals. { Please, note when you click through and purchase I may receive a small fee.  Thanks! } 1.  L O N G  HOT Baths.  Need I say more.  Salvation. Relaxation. Warmth. Renewal. Add this to the bath to help to ease your stress and release your bliss buttons.  The salts help absorb negative energy. 2. The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien -- My go-to reference book for learning the essentials of reading the Thoth Deck Tarot Cards. 3.  And here are the cards...The Thoth Tarot Deck (Large format)  My personal tool for inner understanding, communication, seeing the bigger picture and discovering new insights to my life.  The best way I can instantly get in touch with the truth of what's going on inside.  Drawing a card daily is like having a partner with you as you navigate your day with its message. 4. Fun, warm, and luscious slippers. I love my slippers.  My feet tend to be cold, so I wear mine ALL the time.  Love them!  Here are some fun ones to check out.  5. Y'all know I'm a foodie AND I love to inspire my life through the guidance of the Moon phases, so I'm totally intrigued to delve into this cookbook.  (Don't have it yet, but in 'looking inside', I can't wait to grab it!) 6.  My favorite essential oil for immediate connection to my center.  Grounding and uplifting and calming.  Sacred space within [...]

Are you one of those gas station hot dogs–endlessly rolling…?

Sometimes when a client comes to me-they don't quite have words to describe what or how they are feeling.   So, I was thinking about this today, and you know me and my food obsession (see my 'Year Ahead Workbook' free gift)...so I thought-- what if I asked them to tell me what kinda food or dish they felt like? Of course, I then thought-- What kinda dish do I feel like right now? Not to eat mind you, but the energy of it, the way it makes you feel, the actions to prepare, the flavors, the culture....etc. I decided I feel like a warm comforting bowl of nurturing chicken noodle soup. I feel pretty content, healthy, satisfied, balanced and warm.  So, awesome! But what if you are not feeling awesome?  What if you feel like a frozen microwave dinner? A cold slice of leftover pizza?  A hot dog rolling around endlessly in a hot box...going no where and under stress? I know some exercises, tools and tricks. I have days where I can feel a less than nurtured and comforted--just like you. I learned these tools and ways to easily access them anywhere, anytime. You can do it too! Learning to get back to your center, to be grounded, to feel supported, to know that it is there and how to access it... = p r i c e l e s s I learned to do visualizations to engage my energy system (chakras).  I learned to ground and center using the same techniques.  The more you do them (10-20 minutes a day)  the more easily and instantly you call on them when you really need to get off those hot rollers! These exercises and the knowing of your energy system is not difficult.  All it takes is frequent exercise [...]

For the birds

out the door dog by side the woods are calling. insides bubbling and smiling, tongues and tails wagging. peel away webs shrouding eyes and face left by 8 legged weavers in the night. leaves crunch, twigs crack. dust flying from small thundering feet speeding by. birds are all twitter louder than past visits possibly the early hour? then there high in tree sitting proudly is owl the cause of the little folk's alarm. silently he glides away leaving the little folk muttering to themselves.

Fridays: Rollercoasters & Cartwheels

I offer Reiki energy to dogs at a local shelter every Friday. I have been doing this for about two months. I am finding the energy differences interesting. Some days the energy flows freely and I am lifted by it, other days I totally need nap after even though I feel fine. Some days have been frustrating and I feel like I am not reaching any of them. Sometimes this is because the dramatic and recent influx of new dogs. They are stressed, scared and loud. I am honored though to be working with a shelter that has the capability to take dogs and find them homes so efficiently. They often take dogs from other states, counties and even from disaster zones. They do an awesome job. The opportunity to work with so many ever rotating dogs is challenging and rewarding. It is so fun to see all the dogs and be able to offer Reiki and sit with them. I go in with the intention of offering them comfort and peace. I love to see the dogs who basically ask for it. I will see there head pop up over the top of the kennel wall and they will bark directly to me or they will see me go by and draw me in. Sometimes another volunteer will ask if I been to see ‘so and so’ and that I should. They are the dogs that may be super anxious or coming from hard circumstances. When I have been in with a dog and offered them Reiki usually they are much calmer, brighter and overall seem more relaxed. It is awesome to see. I also love to be in the kennel with a dog when potential adopters come by. They get to see the dog calm, relaxed and happy. [...]