[originally written for Sibyl Magazine June 2016]

I say some pretty horrendous things, some totally untrue things and some downright nasty things to myself.  I’m sure I see some heads nodding in understanding out there.  Why do we say these hurtful things to our beautiful hearts?


Very often I’m not consciously aware of them.  They are so far in the background, like a tape just running on loop, I don’t even hear them.  I AM developing more awareness, so I am beginning to hear them more and more.  The awesome thing is that then I can unpack the story I’m telling myself and then, and only then can I begin heal and grow beyond that limiting belief that was lurking in the background.


I totally shocked myself the other day.  I was planning and setting goals–big goals and plans—and I heard myself say, “It won’t work.”  WHAT?!  How dare I sabotage myself even before getting it off the ground.


What did I do?  I used my tools.

I practice affirmations, manifesting intentions and goals and I work with the cycles of the moon to support these.  I say clearly what I want.  When I hear a negative thought I say, “NO” and reinforce that which I DO want.  I also work with my tarot cards to get support and insight into what is behind the negative thought or a different way of seeing how to proceed.  This gives me a deeper understanding and guidance.  I have also started using “I AM” statements.  Powerful combatants to that negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.  “I AM a healer.”  “I AM in control of my time.”  I AM healthy and strong.”  “I AM manifesting platforms for abundance.”

I have a morning practice as well listing what I am grateful for and goals for the day.  I also love to draw an oracle card for the day.  This is so useful for bringing me back to my center and my goals when I get thrown off (or am about to) during my day.  I can remember and focus on that card’s image and message…instantly I’m like, “Yes!” and I’ve turned the energy around and refocused.

Now I have had these tools for a while, yet I still get that stuff in the background.   It’s like peeling onion…when you heal one layer there’s another underneath and the more you become aware the more you see and hear.  But the good news is that we are making progress every time we combat those gremlins.

Keep peeling, Dear Ones, soon you’ll get to the juicy truth of how precious you are.  Namaste.