When you want to help people and you know you can give them insight, tools or healing that can improve their lives in awesome ways, then it becomes a challenge to know when it is appropriate to share this.  As a boss lady…hopefully the lines are more clear.


sometimes there’s the potential for you (well, me…let’s be honest) to want to just give it all away. 

I was in a real quandary the other day…

I had a meeting set up to do a no cost discovery session over Skype.  I looked over the challenges and needs my boss lady friend was having and through some intuitive work with the Tarot cards I came up with some really great information and ways she could start to get some clarity and the best tools for her to start to get some relief with.  Awesome!  So ready to share it and to offer my continued assistance as she did this big work for her and her business.


we didn’t get to connect to that day.  woman-641528_640

I won’t lie.  I was disappointed.  Let down.  And although I understand why the connection didn’t happen…I wanted to send all the insights and tools and everything in an email to her anyway.  I wanted to send it to her because it was super relevant, super clear and super valuable.  It would have given her ideas on how to approach those challenges and why they are up for her right now.  Would it be okay just to send it, maybe it could still have the same effect for her…?


is this a smart way for me honor the services of my business, to value my self, to value my energy, to value my work…or am I just giving it a way?  Duh, it would be just giving it a way.  There needs to be some exchange of energy…money-652560_640Here are a few important reasons why:

  1. When your client doesn’t invest in the time (or money- ie. energy)…they won’t value your work or commit to it.  Powerful.
  2. You, boss lady, as well will not value it.  That reservoir of your beautiful gifts and energy will keep getting depleted.

Over-giving of your time and energy is a habit we boss ladies need to be super aware of and build strong boundaries around.  What’s okay? When? Why it is or isn’t okay?  Take some time right now to reflect on times when you just gave it a way.  Think of how it felt, how it worked or didn’t and how the relationship between you and your business felt and the one between you and that client.

Have Boss Lady boundaries!  Share your awesomeness with intention and honest exchange.

We, Boss Ladies, have big work to do and we need to do it in ways that honor our power, purpose and passion.

Blessings and light – di

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