It has been awhile since I have written on my journey.  Since we have talked I have been to 2 farms to help out and to a family reunion.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of it.  It is the transition times…the times in between one space or place and the other that conjure up all the worry about all the unknowns.  

When I was leaving Southern Utah after my visit with family I was really stressed and didn’t know what was next.  It was a decision point, a crossroads.  I could go back to the familiar West Coast or I could push on to places I’ve never been.  I was pretty much right in the middle of country, right?  

I decided to choose fun, adventure, and new things.

I’m SO glad I did.  I helped out at a small New Mexico farm about 40 miles from Sata Fe.  It was frickin’ HOT & hard work.  And it was so rewarding. The host, Katherine, is a teacher so she is VERY good at explaining the why & how of what needs to be done.  We made a mobile walk-in cooler, planted new seeds & cover crops, and I built an outdoor kitchen area.  One of the coolest things I learned about is the asequias (ah-SEK-eea),  the traditional way they irrigated the land.  Basically, they divert water the river into a dike which runs along evryone’s property in the valley.  They each can take water off of it. The places where they do this are called sangres.  Where they ‘bleed’ it.  Life. Water. It all works by gravity.  They open the sangria & the water goes to the land, which usually has some sort of system to hold it in till it absorbs.  If you’re interested the movie/novel “The Milagro Beanfield Wars” talks a bit about this. 

The little valley and village, Villanueva, was so special.  I got to be there during their annual big festival.  I also went to Mass that day in their 125 year old church.  It is gorgeous with old wooden beams and white-washed walls and tapestries of the history of the village on the walls.

I was there for 3 weeks then it was time to move on, but NOW where?

Another transition time.  This time I decided to venture more into the unknown and chase my dreams.  Haven’t you ever wanted to indulge in a month on the beach in Florida?  I have.  What an amazing thought.  And I could make it happen.  I found the cutest little RV park in Navarre, FL which is near Pensacola on the Gulf Coast.  Waterview and dogs are allowed on the beach.  Could it be any better? WooHOO!  

This time spent on the beach was amazing. It was amazing in a different way as well.  I focused on creating my daily routine, my practices, and my business while I was there.  It was awesome to have that time to energetically up-level my whole self to the life I am creating.  I had an energy healing session with my go-to gal. And I also worked with her in coaching calls every week to work through the blocks I was having around receiving, success, being worthy, and changing old beliefs.  I was ready for this focused time.  It was time to really choose the bigger life of intention. How the choices I’ve made are going to work for me and what I want my life to be. 

It has been almost 5 months since I quit my day JOB and chose this life.  So, it was time to intentionally work on the things in my life that I want internally and in the world.  Changing old patterns, raising my vibes, and lsitening to my intuition on what the next steps are.  

Yes. I work with a coach/healer as well.  Why?  Because I know the healing and the progress can go much deeper with help, support, and guidance on your path.  It is what I do. I know that even I can’t do it alone.  

As a part of my work on that beach I made my website so much better.  Go check it out!  I worked really hard to make it clear on what I do and how I help women through Transitions and Transformations. And it is so cool.  I love seeing women step more fully into the life they want and leave behind all the old BS that was in the way of it becoming. 

I also adjusted my services and the pricing AND made the scheduling process waaay easier.  I’ll tell you about all that in the next note.  (or check out the BOOK now button right below this)

Until then, I’m sending you HEAPS of love & light,