Our home, planet Earth and its peoples are undergoing a huge amount of stress, fear and conflict, which has many of us wondering—

“What can I do?”

Are you one of those sensitive beings who is feeling a bit overwhelmed, fearful, anxious and/or helpless about the situations going on around the world?

I know I have at times.

Today I have a suggestion for a tool that we can all use to facilitate a more positive, nourishing and peaceful planet. And guess what, it is super easy and everyone can do it.
First, we need some helpers. Some very wise and experienced beings have stepped up and agreed to work with us for the benefit of all. Ancient people, like the Cherokee people of North America, revered these beings and knew of their sacred nature and their specialized qualities. These wise beings are the trees. The Cherokee especially thought of the White Pine and conifers as highly efficient in spreading the vibration of peace and transforming aggression. The deep roots of the trees can transmit peace deeply into the Earth. It also transmits it up and outward. Broadcasting it like a signal through the tips of its branches…look at them…don’t they look like antennae? We can maximize this effect with large numbers of trees and people acting together.

And all we have to do is ask.  This is the one thing we have to do. Humbly ask their help.

I am calling this the “Tree Transmissions Project for Peace.” I suggest we also use the power of the upcoming New Moon, Equinox and Eclipse on March 20, 2015 to strengthen our ceremonies around this request.

Here are times of the exact equinox in the United States 6:45 P.M. EDT, 5:45 P.M. CDT, 4:45 P.M. MDT, and 3:45 P.M. PDT

white pine
Okay, so how should you ask and which tree, etc.
Do you already have a special tree? Do you know of a ‘grandfather’ tree in the area? Do you have a special place in nature that is sacred to you? Do you have a tree in your neighborhood, park or yard that would love to help? Seek your tree out over next few days. If you don’t already have a relationship with this tree –spend some time with it—sit under it, talk to it, give it a hug. It would be great to have it be in a place that is convenient for you to visit often. I know, some of you may be thinkin’ I have gone off the deep end–BUT I haven’t you can build a relationship with trees, land, rocks–anything really. We are all made of energy and have a life here are Earth. We are connected. We have just forgotten. Now is the time to renew our connection and work together. If you have children it is great to include them in this plan…they get it.

up in the trees
Great. You know your tree. Now think about how you want to word your request in the “Tree Transmissions Project for Peace” to ask the tree to help spread peace through the Earth and its inhabitants. It can be very simple. Write it out, feel it, want it and know it can happen.
On March 20th meet with your tree, bring your friends, neighbors, kids. Make it an event in your neighborhood, yard or park. You could designate a ‘Peace Tree’. The ceremony around it is yours to make. You could sing, sit, stand, hug, or dance around it (OR all of them). Now say your request you have previously designed to ask your tree to assist in spreading the vibration of peace to the Earth and its inhabitants. You can hold a few moments of silence to allow the message to anchor and strengthen in you and in the tree. See and feel the vibration of peace spreading down into the ground and then back up and out through every branch. And then see it spreading to the next tree and all around the world. Igniting a powerful wave of peace.
When we make requests of nature it is awesome to leave them a token of appreciation. This can take many forms: a bead, a crystal, herbs, tobacco or corn (traditional), a song, art….something. And say, “Thank You” of course.
That is it. Continue to visit and build your relationship with your Peace Tree. This bond is powerful and so are you.
I would love to see and hear about your ceremonies. Tag them on social media with #treetransmissions.  Let’s see how far our project spreads.
Thanks!  Diana

P.S. Please SHARE this with as many as you can! Let’s spread Peace with the help of the trees.