In my last note to you, I shared that I had started a new position and made some changes in my day job. Those changes were big and full of huge learning opportunities–on the job, personally, and it has really got me thinking.

It got me thinking about what I want my life to be. It got me thinking about where my life was going and where I had been putting it on hold…waiting for the BIG dream and the things I want to just happen. I saw that I was on a path– a path that didn’t want to be on. I saw that I was a path to do the 9-to-5 forever and that is not what I want. I realized, really realized, how I was not showing up for what I want my life to be, what I want to do, and how I want to live.

Things don’t just happen. YOU have to make them happen. You have to show up.

I know you have been following me awhile and you know how always talk about doing your BIG work and doing the big scary thing…about doing the thing that scares you AND that makes you excited– BOTH at the same time. WELL NOW IT IS TIME FOR ME TO START WALKING MY TALK.

SO the BIG announcement!

My loves have always been food, animals, nature, trees, discovery, adventure, travel, and cooking. I also know that things are the amazing ways to reconnect to yourself, to drop into yourself, to remember who you are and what you love. To feel alive in your body when you dig into the earth, when you take a bite from a tender leaf right in the garden, when you experience where your food comes from and all the people and culture and traditions encoded in that simple delicious bite. I believe many of these connections have been lost in our modern busy day-to-day existence. We just drive thru or pick something up not really even thinking where it came from or how it was prepared or about the spirit within it nourishing us.

I super interested in the way we connect–to ourselves, each other, and the food– and how that connection goes so deep and is so healing, so nourishing on so many different levels in us. It returns us to our body. It clears the mind of the cobwebs of all the unnecessary fluff that had accumulated. It feeds us.

Let me tell you what I have always known is my BIG dream…where I want to live, be, do, and work. I want to have land, a center, a place where people come to experience this re-connection and remember themselves. To use their hands and bodies to deeply heal by digging in the dirt, harvesting the food for the lunch they will create, feeding the animals that will feed them, and care taking the space they are in. To also walk on the land, discover the little bits of magic in a single leaf, to sit and watch the stillness of a lake or the quiet murmuring of stream and hear the teachings of their medicine.

It will be a place where teachers, healers, chefs, and authors come to share their tools and practices with others in this intentional space. To take a retreat, to learn new tools, to make new discoveries, to make space within and to remember.

Right now, I am calling this special place Soul Farms Retreat Center.

So, that is the BIG dream. It is coming. I know that. AND here’s how I am going to get from where I am now to where I need to be to open it (sound the trumpets!)

I am quitting my J-O-B of 11 years, selling my car and home, and buying a camper van to travel, to learn, and to experience the things that will help me open it. I am going to volunteer to work (WWOOF) on permaculture farms all over the country to learn what I will need to know. I am going to go to National Parks and retreat centers. All to step away from all I have known and redesign my life in the way I want it to be.

I will be able to be in my own space, create my daily routine, do my own spiritual work, heal, and grow my relationships with myself and spirit. You know how right now it is hard to find the time and the energy to meditate, to sit with yourself in reflection, to study, to write, and to let go of daily hamster race feelings. I absolutely know these feelings and feel the race. Sometimes I barely get to eat before racing out the door in the morning…because I do take some time for these and then I forget to make time to eat….CRAZY….and that sets a precedent for always feeling behind in the day even though I enjoyed the time I took for myself.

Does that even make sense?

So, I am eager to set off on this journey and create my new life.

Is it causing me to fall into fear? Yes, sometimes.
Does it seem crazy? Yes, sometimes.
Do I get overwhelmed with all that needs to happen for me to do this? Yes, sometimes.

What keeps me going? What brings me back to trust and appreciation of the bigger picture?
I believe in my desire to do, be, and have this experience, to go on this journey, and to create the retreat center. I trust this.
I take the next step. Like, for me right now, I had a garage sale and am downsizing, I am getting my car fixed up to sell, I am looking at vans to buy, I am researching new flooring for my home, I am reading and watching YouTube videos of people who live full-time in vans or tiny houses.

Most of all I am connecting daily with myself and my trust in what I want to create. I feel the excitement of it. Where am I going to go? All the things I can I do? Which state do I want to winter in? What’s it like in the south in the winter? And on, and on. It keeps me out of fear. It makes me excited.

I am also excited to have the opportunity to do my healing and coaching sessions (I can do those from anywhere) full-time. I want my van space to be super special to work from too.

Which brings me to the next thing….
I am working on a new program to teach you the main practice I use almost daily, but also for specific occasions where I need really anchor into my body and feel my own power. I use these super tools to help me in a project or situation that might otherwise drain me or throw me off some how.

It’s called Four Sacred Things. Claim Your Freedom.
It is about 14 days long. You will drop into each of the 4 sacred things for 2-3 days for each one–to really experience it. I will give you lots of ideas and practices to allow you to do that. You pick one or two and do them daily. The lessons come to you in your inbox.

So, how and why would you use these 4 sacred things? And what can they help you with?

Well, first I want to ask you…What’s up for you right now? What is your biggest struggle right now? OR What do you need to get clarity on?

Possibly you’re feeling confused or stuck in your relationship, your work, or your business?
Maybe you’re just feeling out of balance or foggy about where you are?
Just maybe you want to amp up your abilities to connect to your intuition or feel the connection of your whole body.

This course can really help you find the tools and teach you the practices to work through and get clarity on things. Once you learn all four and bring them together there is this amazing ability to feel powerful, supported, and FREE. CLAIM YOUR FREEDOM.

You feel free when you know your supported. When you believe in yourself. When you know you have choices.

They are super simple and you can do them all easily. In the morning or even throughout the day. They become your allies. You’ll be able to use the techniques when you need them. You may even make your own once you get the basics.

The Four Sacred Things course will open in a few days. This is going to be awesome to do at the end of the year. Let go of the past, reflect on the year, and prep for next year.

Look for an announcement in a few days. Oh, and best of all, I am offering it as a PAY WHAT YOU WANT course. Easy peesy.

It’s the base practice I use to help me feel okay, well, not just ‘okay’, but really really good about all the change going on within and in my life. It helps me feel supported, strong, and excited.

I’d love for you to have these allies as your super power tools.
Big stuff. Big love. Blessings to you.