They say you teach what you LOVE.

(not sure if ‘they’ really say that, BUT I SAID it)

They say that the type of people you serve are the ones that you learned the most from. You’ve been there.  You know the struggles, the desires, the feelings, the passion that is in THE thing you help with.  It’s what you’re interested in, it’s what you would give time to for free, it’s the thing that you keeps you curious and leaning in. It’s what gets you all jazzed up, feelin’ alive, and purposeful/connected.

Sit for a second and think a few people, places, items, jobs, etc. that do this for you.  List them out in your journal.  How many of them correlate to the people you serve right now?  How many correlate to the ‘work’ you do?  How many of them do you see, do, feel, and enjoy most days of the week?

OR just maybe who you serve- “your work’ -has nothing to do with your job.  

I hope they showed up a ton in your life.  I hope that there’s some direct links to what you love, who you serve, and your ‘work’, and what you do. I hope that even if there’s not a bunch that there’s a few.

AND, what if there’s not a bunch? Well, then, my lovely one, you have some rearranging to do.

How can you incorporate more of the things you love and ‘your work’ into your life, into your dream?

I recently realized that I was set on a path to keep doing what I was doing FOREVER.  And a BIG ‘HEC NO!’ followed. So, I sat with this.  And then I sat with, “Well, what can I do instead?”  And then I sat with, “Okay, I can do that, but how does it move me forward, how does it serve me and my BIG dream–the vision, the desire?”   (This didn’t happen in one sitting BTW)  Maybe you can use these questions to do a bit of brainstorming/planning yourself.  Also let your mind/body/spirit be open to being shepherded to the next thing. Pay attention. Ask for signs.  Ask for help from your guides/healing team/the Universe.

So, what did I decide to do?  How did I change my life?  How am I going ALL IN for what I want in my LIFE and how does it get me to the BIG dream?  AND what exactly is that BIG dream?

What came to me first is that I had been fantasizing about a camper van and traveling around in it, may be doing a tarot readings out of the back door of it. That sounded awesome.  Totally a wild hare idea, but I decided to follow that nugget that was getting me excited.  I had been thinking about it for at least a year.  Okay, so what if I did that?  (Follow my thought process) Okay, well, I want to quit my job, it is getting in the way of me doing my healing work with others.  Okay, so that 9-to-5 J-O-B that I had been doing for 11 years—I decided to quit. Then the next part of the plan came to mind. So, how will I have money to live? I could sell my condo.  Okay. Do that.  But the money from it will go quickly. (Notice I wasn’t thinking about making money, yet?) Okay, how can you spend less money on the road and not be aimlessly travelling?  Not be aimlessly travelling, hmmm?  I sat with this for quite awhile.  Which led me to–what IS the bigger dream –the “final destination?”  Hmm?  I HAVE always had this BIG DREAM…SO, how do these OR can these two ideas work together to help me get to IT??  (I hope you are finding my thought processes interesting) Along with all this in my mind is also being able to live a lifestyle that is doing more of the things I love.

So, how did it all come together? What is the plan? What am I doing? 
((((sound the trumpets!))))

I did sell my condo, car and a ton of all my sh*t (and donated a ton more), I did quit my job, and I bought a motor home…my tiny house on wheels. From the above decision phase to being on the road was about 7 months. If you haven’t read my last few posts then I will also let you know that I had lots of help assist me through this big, HUGE life transition. (more on why that’s so important later)

I absolutely love my tiny house on wheels. I spent 3 days painting the yucky brown wood paneling style cabinets and beige walls a bright white.  It’s gorgeous! It is a 25 foot Class C motor home. It has all the necessities: a shower, toilet, stove, sink, fridge, and freezer.  If you want to see more of that you can go to my YouTube channel where I share my #rvmakeover and my adventures.– isn’t that a great name for my adventure, my new chapter, and my world?  I share where I am at, what I am eating, what I am feeling as a solo female digital nomad living the tiny simple life.

And there’s the bigger DREAM, right?  What is that?
Well, I didn’t want to be just wandering around without a purpose. you know.  I have always had this bigger dream of having land, a farm, a home that was a place for people to return to nature, their food, the animals, the plants, and their spirit.  A place of connection, renewal, and learning.
I see it as part retreat, part school, and part sanctuary.  I see it filled with teachers, healers, cooks, writers and seekers.

It will offer many styles of classes from many styles of teachers from the down to earth gardening and animal care, to cooking with what the land gives us, to yoga, writing, meditation, healing circles, moon ceremonies, women’s retreats, herbal preparations, and to the spiritual that runs so deeply through all of it.  A place where people come to reconnect and remember that they are connected to ALL.

I am calling this place (for now) Soul Farm Retreat Center.

So, this is the big vision.  Now I was thinking how does this vision get to come closer to reality in my adventure.  Well, I decided I want to go and learn on farms, in retreats, etc. so that I will have the skills to open this amazing place. I can go to these farms, etc. and volunteer and learn. This also gives me a place to park for awhile instead aimlessly wandering.

This is what I was thinking.  I didn’t even know that there was an organization that can set you up with farms to do this until some friends told me.  Woohoo! My plan just got a bit easier.  I thought I would have to go through my own friends to search out people/farmers who might allow this.  The organization is called WWOOF.  You can join and volunteer all over the world. Pretty cool, huh?

So that’s the plan.

I will also be doing my spiritual coaching and healing energy work on the road.  I can do this work from anywhere.  My tiny home is the perfect space for me to do it.  All I need is a good mobile connection and I’m good.  Digital nomad.  That’s me.  I’m ALL IN on doing this work and BE-ing this healer and coach.

If you have been following me for awhile you know I have always said that I help women do the BIG scary things, that you have BIG work to do, etc.  Well, now I have actually done some SUPER BIG scary things.  I know how it feels, the stuff that comes up, and have great ideas on how to help you go through them and heal through them.  This is my BIG work.  To help you do your BIG work.  It’s what gets me excited. It’s what fuels me.  I love to see women showing up BIG for their life, their dreams, and what their passion is.  And I love the healing and growth that I am honored to witness with them as they do the BIG work to get to their BIG work. That’s the sh*t that makes my day.

You might not want to sell everything, quit your job, and buy a friggin’ motorhome, but your BIG thing might be just as scary.  Whatever your hurdle is, whatever your big stretch is, whatever your big transition is I would love to help you, walk through it with you, and help you go through it with tools, support, strategies—and have you be stronger than ever before when you show up on the other side of it.

My “40-days to LEAP” program is the perfect vehicle for you to work through the stuff that comes up as you go for something BIG or if a BIG transition is happening.  It is a series of phone sessions (one about every 7 to 10 days for a total of 5) to assist you as you move through the shedding, release, and then step into the new energy needed.  All kinds of fear, doubt, worry, anger, patterns and even past life stuff can come up when you decide to go big and change/heal your life.  I use the structure of the Medicine Wheel to guide us along in the 40-day program.  The energies of the animal spirits/guides, the 4 directions, and the elements assist us as tools each week.  We will work in a sacred container with Spirit and your guides to support you and release the dense energies and bring in the strength and light you need to move forward and to do the BIG thing.  The calls are a mix of what is needed at the time.  Usually a combination of a bunch of things, for example, oracles, energy clearing, journeying, and various ‘homework’ you do during the week to anchor/integrate and move through what healing is needed.  Each week you’ll come to the session with what’s been coming up and we go from there–up-leveling each time.  Moving through the density to the light.

I am SO excited that I have launched my ‘ALL IN Life’ that I am offering special pricing on the 40-day to LEAP — $444 for the program.  (Hit the BOOK button below to schedule or email me if you have questions)

And BTW, after all this talk of BIG work, you don’t have to have something BIG, HUGE, or MAJOR to feel like you need to do this program.  In fact, you may not know why at all, but you might just feel called.  Who knows where it may go.  That’s half of the fun.

Sending lots of love and light,