Josephine is a shelter cat (I have 3 adopted fur babies).  She is an inside cat, so when she went missing a few weeks ago I was worried, scared and untethered.  I felt like part of my life was gone.  I was supposed to protect and care for her—that’s what I signed up for when I adopted her.  I pictured her out there in the pouring spring rain-hiding, wet, hungry and lonely.
This was on top of some other major WTFs in my world.Well, not too major, but things usually go pretty smoothly for me, especially lately.  I am the type of person that likes it when things work and go smoothly without a bunch of snafus, stress and wasted energy.  SO when I got a call from a post office in Pennsylvania that my passport (getting it renewed) was loose there…I was thinking, “OH, s@#*! What is going on???”Besides Josephine and the passport issues, many things (cups, buttons, and plates) were breaking (always an attention getter), a flat tire (there’s a communication story here too-You need to tell the guys the correct tire to fix or you have to go back the next day-oops!!), and other lost mail.  I began to wonder and question.

What’s the lesson?  What am I to learn from all this?
There were many:

  1. ask for help
  2. communication techniques
  3. be specific
There is a vast community and special angels of people who want to help you find your lost cat.  Ask them for help. (It’s not my norm to ask for help BTW—hmm? that’s interesting-see below
[another lesson?])  Many went above and beyond what I ever would have dreamed of; to offer advice, lend me a trap, canvas the neighborhood, make me posters and sincerely care about Josephine being returned home.

My heart was so comforted by this.

I met neighbors who went above and beyond.  Calling me with sightings.  Getting down on their hands and knees to look under cars.  Walking me around the neighborhood to where they thought they saw her.  Letting me into their yard to look at a similar tuxedo cat 50 feet up a Douglas fir (we got that cat rescued –you can read it here).  Amazing!The theme of communication has also been popping its head up for the last month or so and it was in the case of the lost cat as well.  I had to decipher calls on the cat.  “Where did you see it?  What’s your address?  I don’t know that area- I call you back when I get there.”  Lots of hunting and calls.  I also had to place and write clear and important information on the 20+ posters I made and hung.  Where to put them?  Which way did she go?  What is the best info to include?  Learning how to present information was a big lesson.  And to really listen to feedback.But the biggest lesson was on how to be specific when you ask for help.   I do manifesting work (OR you might say, I work with my helpers-who support me tremendously=and you too!).  When Josephine first went missing I sat down knowing that it would benefit the “project” if I asked for help.  Well, that is just it—I asked for help with the project of finding the cat— NOT as I later did when I asked for Josephine to come home safe ASAP and she came home that same night after TWO weeks of being gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted a project I got it!  Posters, traps, calls, driving around and worry.  When all I really wanted was for her to come home <big duh>  Ask for what you need?

Be Specific!
The reason I am detailing this is because this is how you learn.  This is how you grow.  It is in the everyday things that happen to us all.  It doesn’t have to be some major upheaval or world apocalypse in your yard for you to get messages and themes going and realize their connection and the lesson behind them.It seems that there often is a theme for a time that runs through your life…catch it, examine it, and tease out the thread and the lesson of it.  Learn, grow and expand with each one.  That is the magic of the everyday.  This magic and the lessons can be ‘positive’ as well.  Possibly you keep seeing butterflies, rhinos, or the letter ‘X’ EVERYWHERE…well–what is the lesson?What is the Universe trying to show you?  Is it a message or affirmation that you are on track?  It may not make sense, but you know why you saw that butterfly just then, right?

Trust it.

Grow this.

Communication and knowing comes (sometimes) from the most unlikely of places or things…
like LOST cats.
If you want to grow your connection to your inner drop-
your trust and knowing of that bit of true YOU
and heal and grow this spot –let’s connect—I can help.

Blessings and light,  di


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