Have you been feeling it too? It’s like all the light has dimmed in my little world and it is making me cranky and feeling down. Argh! Is it because Mercury (and like a jillion other planets-read more about the astrology here) are in retrograde this month? Is it the extra anxiety around putting myself out there and desiring to go BIGGER? Is it the sudden death of a friend? Is it the extra sensitivity I’m feeling…seemingly around all the most vulnerable and delicate parts of myself? It is like I’m just tired of all the wanting and nothing coming in… (the little drop inside just asked me, “is this true?” I answer, “NO, just discouraged a bit.”)

No, No and NO! It is not true. I don’t desire to continue to play small and not put myself out there. I know that all the internal questioning and integration of what’s going on both in the world and in me will help me grow stronger. (Retrogrades are a time to look internally and get insight.)

How do I know this? Because, Dear One, I am an active participant in creating my luscious life. No matter how beat up, discouraged, cranky and disappointed I feel right now, I know that I have tools to help me learn from the challenges that are coming up.

The jumble and chaos of life can try to throw you off your game. I say there is always a lesson from the chaos and when you don’t let it dismantle your strength, courage and spirit you can see clearly what is going on externally and not have it crush you. Your strong center and personal energy is your super power.

When I feel like nothing is working, nothing is going my way, when I make a mistake, when I let myself feel vulnerable, when I question all the ‘why’s’…this is when I can learn and grow and then really take a big step in the creation of being a better me so that I can share and do more in the world.

So, I do a ton of internal work with help. Help in the way of my tools, support sources and practices that bring me back into the deep connection to my dear heart. I listen, I share, I connect and then I take inspired actions from this place of wisdom.

Taking action in some form is the quickest way to get out of these feelings. Here are some things I am doing to stay in the light:

  • Keep the gremlins in check with their negative thoughts in my head. (a constant battle)
  • Writing. Processing it. Figuring out what the hec is going on.
  • Giving (watching friends dog, planting flower pots for community where I live, being there for friend)
  • Using my tarot cards for more insight and acting on the lessons or tools from the reading.
  • Making lists of what IS working.
  • Making lists of all I’m grateful for.
  • Doing the things I love.
  • Stop pushing. Just be and take care of me in whatever way feels really good to me in the moment. Long baths, forest walks with dog, listening to beautiful music, solo dance parties in the kitchen while cooking, travel TV, naps, reading, drawing or just sitting in nature.

And finally, as the retrograde planets turn direct I will take what I have learned and put it to use.
As I like to say, “Life isn’t always a glittery bubble full of tasty noodles, but you can make it feel luscious no matter what.”soap-bubbles-1196897_640

Being able to do this. To stay centered and strong in your BEing even when you feel oh so less than that is truly the work of a women who is an active participant in creating her luscious life.

You rock! Add your special sparkle, listen to your heart and you use all the tools you have to keep on track to grow your luscious life. It all starts on the inside. You make powerful decisions- you go for them.

And, of course, if you need support on ways to bring the luscious into your life and being—I’d love to guide you. I have a 40 day program where we really dig in, heal, make plans and clear out what’s been blocking you from getting there. If you would like to find out more email me at diana AT innerdrop DOT com and we’ll set up a 20 minute chat to see how you can start creating your luscious life right away.