We know what it means when we were ‘grounded’ as kids—no nothing! No TV, no going over to friends, no movies and none of your favorites. It was a punishment. A way for others (parents) to take some control and to enforce the rules of the household. But this isn’t the type of grounding I am talking about, although they are interesting to compare. One takes away and one gives.

So let’s talk about the one that gives! We all have this gift and tool at our disposal we just need to learn how to use it.

Grounding is connecting to the Earth and exchanging and sharing energy with hers. This allows you and your energy system to be cleansed and restored. It is like powering up and re-booting your whole energy system. This energy and connection is SO supportive and secure feeling.

Energy is all around us. Most of us are unaware of the energy exchange that goes on continuously between us and everything else…and yes, I mean everything!

When we are grounded and earth energy is moving through us–it’s like having a warm cozy blanket and favorite fuzzy slippers on. It is an amazing connection and feeling –and you can use it freely and easily. Once you learn the techniques and exercises you can connect easily and exchange supportive energy for you and your energy system.These benefits can be used in stressful or emotional times. When we experience feelings of over-whelm. We may feel like our heart is heavy or our throat constricted or pain in our belly. This is stuck energy and by moving it down into the Earth we can receive her support and loosen that energy from being stagnant. When it is able to move we can work with it more powerfully and receive energy support in the form of feeling safe and secure.

So how do we develop this exciting tool? Through this simple energetic exercise:

First stand or sit with your feet firmly on the ground. If you can do this outside actually touching the earth that is awesome. Now close your eyes and breathe deeply. Start to feel light or energy coming down through your head and down your spine all the way to tailbone. Don’t push it. Gently breathe and push a bit with each breath. You may need to stay in one place before going further down. Be gentle if it feels uncomfortable don’t push. You may have to practice for a few days—just 10 minutes a day—to get used to the energy and be comfortable before going on. So be gentle. When you are able to feel the energy moving down through head down your spine and to your tailbone then you can reach further down your legs to your knees and ankles and then the feet. Feel your feet on the mother earth. Feel the light and energy coming from above all the way through you and into the earth. Feel this connection—relish in it. When you are ready. Send your energy into the earth just a bit- like 8 inches. Then see if you can go further in. Only go as far as feels comfortable. The eventual goal is travel all the way to the central crystal core of Earth. Once you are where you feel comfortable, let the earth energy exchange energy with you and you with it. Enjoy this exchange. With each breath the exchange becomes more bright and full of light and energy. Your whole body feels like it is pulsating with new vital energy. Isn’t it awesome? The more you practice the easier this connection and exchange becomes. Almost automatic.

Start engaging and developing a relationship with your energy system for multiple benefits in health, finances, work/service and relationships.  Want to dive deeper??  Grab your copy of Inner Drop’s Energy System Activity Workbook!   Develop your connection in minutes a day for 21 days.  Learn about your energy system and learn how to use and strengthen it.