Many of my clients are women who are entrepreneurs or want to be, therefore, many still have their ‘day jobs.’  Many have ‘day jobs’ and also have a rich, beautiful, & fulfilling life. Many have the ‘day job’ & just a ho-hum life that feels like it is on a loop.  Wake up, hurry to get ready for work, do work, come home, eat dinner, watch Netflix, have a glass of wine to celebrate your hard work, & then go to bed…and then wake up & do it again. 
[HINT: everyone’s life is pretty much on a loop, so what’s different?]

How you show up to WHATEVER your LIFE is IS the thing!  You can have the most boring, shitty job & still be frickin’ happy.  You can have the most fun, fabulous, & enviable job & still be bored, sad, frustrated, & hate your life.

Showing up is the thing. 

For the everyday.
For the priorities.
For the present.


You may have one BIG dream or maybe you have your dreams in many areas of your life. (I recommend both)  So, you might have a health dream, a relationship/family dream, a home dream, a travel dream, a financial dream, a shoe dream, or a career dream.  These are all parts of your life.  You may have a few you are focusing on right now with the others in the back of your mind.

GREAT, right? “So, tell me what I don’t already know Diana?”  That’s what you’re asking right about now, yes?

What I want to tell you is that sometimes you have the BIG dream–you even know in DETAIL what it looks like, feels like, smells like–and then one day you realize you are not going to get there doing your life the way it is right now.

YOU have to SHOW UP.

Sometimes you have to sell everything, quit your day-job & buy a motor home (or a plane ticket or a new car or a new house or a new computer or a new camera or a new ring…you get the idea) and CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

How ARE you going to get from where you’re at to where you ARE going?

I recently realized that I was on a path to do what I was doing FOREVER and that woke me up. So I made a decision to change my life. I knew I needed to GO ALL IN. I had thought I was trying to get there. In reality I just goofing around in pond near by–not diving in the big pool.

Now just saying it like this makes it sounds like it was easy & not as scary as hell, nor does it tell you about the many steps involved.  If you’re like me then you know how your mind goes to all the things that can go wrong, all the fears come up, & all the things that you look to for security & comfort are in question.

There are BIG frickin’ really scary things that you will face when you go for change, when you go all in, when you decide that what you want is worth going for.

Change doesn’t just happen you have to make it happen.

When I decided to make the life changes I did I also knew I would need help.  In my training & work as spiritual coach & shamanic reiki energy healer I know that when BIG change happens that also a ton of emotions, patterns/blocks, even past life stuff can come up.  I also know (even though I have to remember it ALL the time) that when you ask for help things can be easier.  When you enlist the support of a healer (or friend or mentor) your progress & comfort as you move through the changes will be WAAAYYY easier.  Also, when you clear the things that come up along the way you are truly healing & will show up in the new ‘LIFE’ as more of your true self (with less baggage).  This what I mean when I say, “Remember who the eff you are!”  YOU will be more ready for that new life & the BIG beautiful new thing.

I signed on for regular sessions with my healer friend over a period of about 7 months.  I will continue to work with her for support as I continue to grow into this new life and move toward the dream.  I also regularly reach out to friends and my group at Mystery School for support, for witnessing, & for companionship.  Sometimes our calls were coaching calls & sometimes they were full-on energy sessions.

You might be wondering to yourself, Diana, isn’t this the work you do?  Yes. Yes, it is.  We can’t always help ourselves through stuff — sometimes we need professionals, experts, & someone with a different set of eyes (or that use the help of Spirit) to see what’s really underneath the part that is coming up to be healed or to see the bigger picture of where you are right then and what needs to happen.

I can’t tell you how crucial this was for me.  I can go into overwhelm and fear so easy.  And yes, I do have my own tools & practices that I relied upon, & being in sacred space held with her helped me to remember them, use them, & connect with them.  I too can get caught up in the day-to-day & busy-ness & forget.  I can also feel when there’s something connected to what I am going through & when I need energy work to help clear it.  Crucial.

Sacred space is the container, the space, the energy that is called upon in healing sessions for protection, support, guidance, & healing.  It allows clear communication & safe space to the deep work that is needed at that time. It’s where you, your Higher Self, your Guides, Angels, & Helpers communicate, facilitate, support you with the healing, the message, & the energy shift that you need at the moment.  I open sacred space in work with clients so that the highest best comes through for them. I also use it when I do energy work on my self.  You will feel the energy shift & the support come through.  It allows the truth that might be buried deep to surface safely.

I can’t tell you how many times I have known that I needed a energy session, but didn’t exactly know what for or why.  I could feel the block or the dense energy or sometimes even a physical symptom & knew that I needed one. I knew that Spirit would direct me & the healer in the session to get to what was needed. Pretty amazing. I am so thankful for this healing practice.

Do you have BIG scary things to do? Do you want to go ALL in? Do you have stuff in the way?

I would love to help you.

I kinda got off track on telling you my BIG dream again.  I guess this was the bigger message today.

My story will be coming.

Sending you much love.
xoxo –di